The Dream

We all dream of owning a dog so well mannered we can take it everywhere. A sociable dog that is calm enough to not call attention to its self. A dog so Well-Mannered it is a welcome visitor and pleasurable at the beach, a cafe, the park or an outdoor market.  We want a dog that is so refreshingly well behaved that people are surprised and actually stop to comment on how well-behaved your dog is.

The Embarrassment

Instead we end up embarrassed because the dog
pulls on leash, does not come or follow commands consistently
jumps on people or bites them playfully
is not calm enough to be enjoyable
destroys things, barks or has accidents
is fearful or aggressive

The Solution

You don’t have to live your life with a dog that is an embarrassment, frustration or worry. You can have a dog who functions as a part of your family and wonderful companion where ever you go. The experts at The Well-Mannered Dog have over 30 years experience coaching owners how to train their dog through group or private classes and over 37 years training dogs. We can even do some of the training for you. It does not matter if you have a young pup, an out of control teenaged dog or a mature adult dog.

How do you know which class you should take? At the Well-Mannered Dog, all of our classes focus on how to apply the training to your daily life. We offer group classes, private classes and in-home visits. We also have advanced training that addresses more difficult distractions, and off leash control through agility. Some group classes also help owners socialize their dog or puppy.

If you are not sure what class to enroll in, give us a call at 541-603-6868. We take pride in helping people get their dog into the correct class. Picking a dog training professional It is important that you select a trainer you get along with, one that treats dogs and people humanely, with respect and can meet your individual needs. At the Well-Mannered Dog LLC, all classes are taught by a Certified Pet Dog Trainer to ensure you receive competent, qualified instruction based on positive, humane techniques and the latest scientific knowledge of how dogs and owners learn.

Dog Training Options – We Can Help You Too!

Our training building is located in Eugene Oregon but because many people throughout Lane County value our services, we have many clients who live east of Springfield Oregon, south of Cottage Grove, west of Veneta and North of Coberg.

Your dog can behave anywhere and everywhere?

Sign up for a dog training class today  or Call us today at 541-603-6868 if you have questions.

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