96% of all dogs surrendered to shelters have not attended dog training classes.

The National Council on Pet Population states 96% of all dogs surrendered to shelters have not had formal dog training. The majority dogs are given up due to issues routinely addressed in training classes.

The Dream

We all dream of owning a dog so well mannered we can take it everywhere. A sociable dog that is calm enough to not call attention to its self. A dog so well behaved it is a welcome visitor, pleasurable at the beach, a cafe, the park or an outdoor market.

The Embarrassment

Instead we end up embarrassed because the dog

We Can Help You!

You don’t have to live with a dog that causes you embarrassment, frustration or worry.  

With our help, you can be proactive to avoid problems and because behavior is never stagnate you can resolve issues that currently exist.  

You can have a dog that functions as an enjoyable member of your family and is wonderful company where ever you go.

For over 25 years we have seen remarkable changes take place as dogs learn the skills necessary to be true companions.  These dogs now can function as a part of the family and be a wonderful companion at home or where ever they go. We believe your dog can learn these skills too.

We accomplish this by partnering with the owners in the training process and implementing humane, science-based dog training that is applied to real life situations. This is training that does not cause pain or fear and it is simplistic! We offer group or private classes and we can even do some of the training for you. All classes are taught by a Professional Certified Dog Trainer who is an expert in training and behavior to ensure you receive competent help. We have classes for young pups, teenaged dogs and mature adult dogs. We can help! Of course you shouldn’t take my word for it. Here is what my clients have to say about our training. In addition, you will want to see the other successes our clients are having and view our videos of these successes.

dog trainingOur training building is located in Eugene Oregon but because many people throughout Lane County value our services, we have many clients who live east of Springfield Oregon, south of Cottage Grove, west of Veneta and North of Coberg.

Your dog can be trained to behave anywhere and everywhere?

Sign up for a dog training class to  or Call us today at 541-603-6868 if you have questions.