Because your dog is a valued member of your Family
We recognize the relationship you have with your dog is precious.  For this reason our dog training 
Motto is Train, Play, Love, Smile

Train – Positive, reward based methods to create mutual trust, respect and interspecies communication
Play – engaging in mutually enjoyable activities
Love – the powerful, unselfish, loyal and benevolent attachment that forms through pleasurable activities
Smile – the pleasure brought to each others hearts due to the deeper understanding & friendship established with training.

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Ultimately, dog training is a partnership between the dog, pet parent and your training instructor.  At The Well-Mannered Dog we value our human clients equally much as the dogs.  Just look at all the free information and Video’s we have on our website. We accomplish all this by continuing our education through multiple educational venues and maintain our Certification as a dog trainer.  In addition we believe dog trainers should value education, giving back and should be certified.

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Dog Training Options – We Can Help You Too!

Even though you have a great dog, chances are it will be naughty at least every once in a while but we can help you reduce this probability.  With our expert help you will learn how to quickly and efficiently teach you dog the behaviors you desire are more advantageous then undesirable behaviors.  The Well-Mannered Dog offers you many training options to meet your training needs.

Puppy Training                                                     Changing Dog Emotions Training
Manners Training                                                Private Training
Obedience Training                                             Advanced Training
Dog Sports

HootenannyOur training building is located in Eugene Oregon but because many people throughout Lane County value our services, we have many clients who live east of Springfield Oregon, south of Cottage Grove, west of Veneta and North of Coberg.

Your dog can be trained to behave anywhere and everywhere?

Sign up for a dog training class today  or Call us today at 541-603-6868 if you have questions.