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Why is it frustrating to learn new training methods

Learning a new skill is frustrating.  Most people who come to classes have already done some training.  But when they come to class the instructor gives them more effective ways to meet their goals.  This video explains why it is so hard and frustrating to make these changes.  But as you can see with practice (5 minutes a day) the changes do take place.

Lets take a simple act.  One of the new skills clients need to learn is to keep their hand out of the treat bag until after they have marked (with a clicker) a behavior as being correct.  Before beginning the training exercise they tell me “my hands will be empty and by my side”. They know it mentally.  As I watch, I can see their hand goes for the treat bag too early and they remove it all on their own but their arm then bends up, then down, then up, then down, before it settles at the person’s side.  The hand still trying to get into that bag.  The person has to concentrate really hard to keep the hand out of the bag. 

When you have an old skill (how you train your dog), it takes practice to learn a new skill.  You need to work on your training skills at least 5 minutes each day just to reprogram your brain.