Training Options

Hi, I am Debbie of The Well-Mannered Dog. We offer a number of different types of training options.

To succeed in the training process it is very important you and your dog enrolled in the correct class.  To help you figure out the class that will give you maximum success we offer an easy but unique and special process.

Instead of just giving you a bunch of confusing options to choose from you answer a few questions to narrow down which classes will be the best fit.

Ok, so lets get started. 

Which best Describes your dog?

Pick this Option If All These Apply————————————————- Pick this Option If Your Dog May
Your dog will not bark for more than a few minutes and ———————Needs help with anxiety issues or
When your dog barks, it can be quieted with food and————————Bark For More Than A Few Minutes or
Eating treats in class will not be a problem —————————————-Will not relax enough to eat treats in class or
Your dog will not be unfriendly to people and dogs and ——————–HHide, show fear, lunge, growl, snap or bite————————————————————————————————— at a person or dog 

If you are not sure which best describes your dog give us a call @ 541-603-6868