Are You and Your Dog Ready For More Advanced Training?

advanced trainingHere is a list of our advanced training classes.

Impeccable Manners Level 3 – For Graduates of Level 2
Fun and Practacle Dog Sports  

Still not sure which class to take?
If you are not sure which class to take, give us a call @ 541-603-6868. We take pride in helping owners choose the right class for meeting their goals.

You’re Welcome to visit a class before you enroll
At The Well-Mannered Dog, we understand blindly enrolling in a class, trusting that the class will be a good match for you is asking a lot and we do not expect that of you. Feel free to visit an existing class in session (without your dog) to check for compatibility, effectiveness and to be sure you will be getting value for your hard earned money.

Level 3 Impeccable Manners

Advanced training to teach your dog to follow commands even when it is distracted

humane-dog-training-eugeneBegin – any week
Thursdays @ 6:15pm or
Saturdays @ 10:00am (no class July 1 or Sept. 2))
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 Training Dogs To Behave Anywhere and Everywhere

Our Level 3 Impeccable Manners class is an advanced class that takes training to the next level as owners advance on their dog’s basic obedience skills.

  • To Come away from food, smells, play, other animals
  • To Walk Beside you past other dogs or animals, people, etc.
  • To pay attention sit and down with greater distractions
  • A long solid Stay
  • hand signals
  • good social skills with other dogs and people

This advanced level of training includes more training games, interactive activities and real life training scenarios to teach the dog the amazing degree of compliance we are known for. This class emphasizes gaining exceptional verbal control over your dog so it is welcome everywhere.

Because having company over and taking our dog with us everywhere and anywhere requires our dog to have good social skills with other dogs and people sociable behavior training (the perfect balance between calmness and friendliness) will be a major training goal in class.  This class prepares dogs for AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test, Urban Canine Good Citizen Test and Community Canine Test.

Bodhi_tired Our training reduces frustration

“I wanted to share with you our big success with Bodhi. We went to Hideaway Bakery for Sunday breakfast and brought Bodhi with us. He was such a gentleman. He heeled nicely going into the patio area. He calmly navigated the crowded tables, filled with people and their children. He stayed in a down while we ate, even when a waitress carrying plates full of food walked behind him! The one thing he got up for was when he realized another dog was standing close to him (within 5 feet), but he did not pull on the leash. This is such a huge improvement from four months ago when I was nearly in tears because he would not quit pulling on his leash while walking at a busy park. Thank you so much for your consistent guidance and for making the training fun! I am confident in my skills for handling Bodhi and am happy with all that he has learned, too! I appreciate, too, the opportunities to continue to learn and improve our skills.” With gratitude, Darcy, Howard, and Bodhi, Eugene Oregon

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Practical and Fun Dog Sports

dog sports

The class where dogs show off and shine

Saturday June 10 @ 9:00 am (no class July 1 or Sept. 2))
Fee – $144.00 – 8 consecutive classes


This class teaches both practical skills that make living with your dog more enjoyable and skills necessary for many of the fun dog sports available to enjoy.

It includes
• Positions – move to my left side, right side, in front of me, behind me
• Platforms for agility, obedience,  
• circles and spins
• jumps

All of these are applicable to 
 agility,  Competition ObedienceRally , Rally Free , Freestyle Parkour 
•And so much more


Dogs that can safely be around other dogs and people and people who can safely handle their dog.

Dogs will need to: 
     hold a 3 minute down stay or 
     be quiet when crated or 
     quiet when left in the car or
     have  a second person to help out

Want to join in the fun but not sure if your dog qualifies, give us a call at 541-603-6868.

Our Guarantee, Policies and Philosophy

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