Changing emotions application

Changing Emotions Application

If you want to see what appointment times are available
Go to this page
The red boxes are available opening. But this is not how you will schedule your appointments.
The top left corner of the calendar shows the month. You can use the Blue arrows to scroll though the different weeks.

Sign up for training
When you are ready to schedule your training and pay for classes do steps 1-4

Step 1- Fill out your information and your dogs information
Go to this page
Fill out your information and your dog’s information
The software will take you thought the process of filling out your information and your dog’s information.  

Step 2 – Pay for your training
Go To my secure payment page from the drop down menu select the class you will be doing
Big Scary world – emotional reactions to dogs and people in general
Precious – Its Mine – emotional reactions to dogs & people around food, toys, resting
Don’t leave me – separation anxiety
and pay for your training

Step 3 – More Forms
After you have paid for class fill out these 2 forms
Your Dog’s Emotional History
And information that helps me customize the stress reduction protocol (this form should automatically load)

Step 4 – Schedule your appointment
After you have turned in the two additional forms double check the available appointment times at 

E-mail me the appointment day and time you wish to schedule (don’t try to schedule it through the system or it will ask you to pay again) for your first appointment.  We are going to schedule the appointments as we go.  Your dog will tell us when it is ready for the next appointment base on how it is doing on the training which you will submit to me through video.