Basic Training

Family Dog Training

Start your training with one of these basic classes

Puppy Training & Socialization – for puppies not yet 14 weeks of age
Family Dog Manners – dogs of all ages, polite greetings, housetraining, chewing, playful biting
Family Dog Skill Builders – pay attention, come, sit, down, nice walking skills, stay – pre-requisit for advanced classes
Impulse Control Training Games – teaches the self control necessary to control  impulsive behavior and to choose delayed gratification.

Still not sure which class to take?
If you are not sure which class to take, give us a call @ 541-603-6868. We take pride in helping owners choose the right class for meeting their goals.

You’re Welcome to visit a class before you enroll
At The Well-Mannered Dog, we understand blindly enrolling in a class, trusting that the class will be a good match for you is asking a lot and we do not expect that of you. Feel free to visit an existing class in session (without your dog) to check for compatibility, effectiveness and to be sure you will be getting value for your hard earned money.

Family Dog Manners


“I want a family dog that is polite”

Class times – Begin any week
Wednesdays @ 6:15pm
– dogs of all ages

Fee Options – Pre-Registration Required
$100.00 – for 4 Family Dog Manners classes (no makeup classes)
$252 – 4  Manners Classes followed by 8 Skill Builders Classes  (3 makeup classes allowed) – $48.00 savings

Convenient, Temperature Controlled Location  
2164 W. 6th Ave. Eugene Oregon Map

Dogs are prized for their talents, intelligence, companionship and fun loving demeanor.  Sometimes that fun loving demeanor is what gets them into trouble.  Aggravating doggie misbehavior is the dog behaving normally and a result of a lack of understanding between our 2 different species.  Through the combination of group classes suggestions that are customized for you we bridge this gap between our two different species by teaching humans how to listen to their dogs and dogs how to listen to their humans.

Class time is spent with the hands on training games that teach: 
Self Control
Polite greetings – without jumping or playful biting
From Excited to Calm Game – teach your dog to go from an excited state to a calm state
Destruction Issues
Mat and station training

Resulting in humans that are happy with their dog and Dogs that are happy with their humans.  Call 541-603-6868 if your have questions or click the registration button to start dog training.

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Family Dog Skill Builders

skill builders

“I want a dog that enthusiastically follows commands”

Class times – Begin any week
Tuesdays @ 7:40pm  
–  dogs of all ages – time changes to 7:30 in August

Fee – Pre-Registration Required
$200.00 – for 8 Family Dog Skill Builders Classes

Convenient, Temperature Controlled Location
 2164 W. 6th Ave. Eugene Oregon Map

Many people have already started working on some of the things covered in this class.  That is great!  But my job is to take what you know and expand upon it.  Make it better!  This class will take a look at what you and your dog knows and what it does not know.  We then fill in the all the missing elements to achieve better compliance and enthusiastic responses to your words.

Covers – obedience commands of  pay attention, sit, down, come, nice walking skills and stay

When you are done with this class you will be able to go onto our Family Dog Distractions Class. Where you will learn Effective, Real Life, humane solutions so your dog is polite and responds to commands at home and in public (on walks, at the vet office or park, in stores, restaurants, when visiting, etc.) Each dog will automatically advance onto the next level when it is ready. Each level of the class expands upon the previous level to give you that great dog that is welcome anywhere and everywhere.

Your dog can be well trained. Call 541-603-6868 if your have questions or click the registration button to start dog training.

Impulse Control Training Games

Impulse Control Games

“I want a dog that can show some self-control”

Class times – July 29
Saturdays @ 11:00am  
–  dogs of all ages – no class September 2

Fee – Pre-Registration Required
$150.00 – 6  Classes

Convenient, Temperature Controlled Location
 2164 W. 6th Ave. Eugene Oregon Map

The goal of Impulse Control Games is to teach your dog the self-control necessary to choose to delayed access to pleasurable things they want over immediate gratification.  Immediate gratification is what happens when your dog:
• jumps on people, steal stuff or playfully bite
• only follow commands when you have treats or toys in your hand
• only comes when called when there is nothing better to do
• pulls on leash when it wants to get closer to something

The element all these things have in common is they require the dog to control its impulses to behave. These training games are fun for you and your dog and you will begin to see vast improvement in your dog’s impulsive nature. 

The End Result
The end result of what your dog learns is that it is more appealing to wait for gratification than attempt accessing it immediately.  Wait for the big payoff as opposed to accessing the immediate yet smaller reward is a difficult concept for humans, let alone our dogs.  Dogs are very capable of learning this concept though.  Gratification is hardwired but delayed gratification is learned.

Impulse control is a choice.  Therefore this program is designed to give the dog choices.  This means the dog will never be wrong or will never make a mistake.  It might not make a rewardable choice though.  Every game we’ll play is a win-win game.

Your dog learn to control its impulses. Call 541-603-6868 if your have questions or click the registration button to register for this class.