Trust – does your dog trust you?

When it comes to any relationship, trust is an essential part of the best, healthiest most enjoyable relationships.   But what does the word trust mean to the relationship you have with your dog? describes trust as “the confident expectation of something”   Trust results in a sense of security.  The confidence you feel for Read the full article >

Flea Control – what a bother

An animal that is itchy due to fleabites has a tendency to be either irritable or antsy.  I have seen aggression, excitability, and chewing problems reduced just by the elimination of the flea problem.  These poor, itchy dogs also have trouble following commands and cause their owners some sleep deprivation due to nightly scratching, chewing Read the full article >

Pica – Eating non-food substances

 My Dog Just Swallowed A … Pica is the behavior of “persistent chewing and consumption of non-nutritional substances that provide no physical benefit to the animal” (Troff).  While most animals will occasionally chew or swallow non-food item such as rocks, dirt, wood, fabric or paper, other animals appear to crave or seek them out.  This Read the full article >

Puppy Socialization

Puppy socialization is critical to ensure that puppies get quality social experiences.  Quality social experience at a young age helps to reduce the potential of fear based problems such as aggression.  The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior states in its position statement that “puppies can start socialization classes as early as 7-8 weeks of Read the full article >