Dining With Dogs – Dogs learning Table Manners

dining with dogsDining With Dogs
This class teaches dogs great table and social manners.

Class Time
Thursdays @ 7:20Pm – Beginning  July 6

Fee – $150.00 + your food and drinks at each event for 6 weeks.  Please keep in mind, we  need to support these businesses that allow us to do this.  Plan to buy food or drink at each event.

Preregistration required

Location – Each week we will be at a different location in the Eugene/Springfield area.  You will receive written instructions on where to meet the day before each class.

Go out with your dog and other great dog loving people.

This class will prepare your dog  to be a welcome guest at picnics, eating at outdoor cafes and other social event.  Each class will take place at a different cafe, bar or restaurant.  Dogs will learn:
• brilliant table manners and
• to rest quietly at your feet while you dine

Prerequisite Qualifications for Dining With Dogs Class are: 

• Pooches of all ages that are up to date on vaccines & healthy.
• Canines that won’t bark or whine more than a few minutes. 
• Dogs that have attended one of our other classes
• Socially appropriate dogs (no angry barking, snapping, non-playfully biting or growling or arousal issues) and that are not nervous or upset with dogs, other people or noisy places

Yea!  I can’t wait for some summer fun with all my doggie friends and their people.  Sign Up Early as I this class will have a limited number of dogs.