Changing Emotions

changing emotions“He’s such a sweet dog but he gets really emotional when …”
Tiffany adopted Jake when he was a year old. Tiffany was concerned because there were times when Jake would get really emotional.  For some dogs this happens when:

  • the owner leaves the house
  • while meeting new dogs
  • when meeting new people
  • they hear loud noises
  • going into public places
  • they have something special, like a bone

The thing they have in common is the dog is getting really emotional which diminishes options and quality of life for the dog and owner.

The good news is the dog’s emotions can change and as it changes both the dog and the owner

  • gain social freedom at home and in public
  • have less stress
  • are happier and more relaxed
  • have an improved quality of life

Keep in mind socialization is what happens to keep this problem from occurring. Once this problem is established, then desensitization, counter conditioning and classical conditioning is necessary to change a dog’s emotions. This expert, specialty training is offered in our Changing Emotions Program.  Owners have 6 options to consider when they have a dog with emotion based issues. As you consider your options it is important that you can prevent your dogs problems from getting worse. You can do this by avoiding putting your dog in situations that cause it to get upset.


This training is extremely controlled exposure to ensure your dog can relax.  My job is to set you up for success.  

Changing Emotions 1 – Evaluation  & Skills Necessary  for Success
2 private consultations with your dog 

  • better leash walking skills
  • identifying and preventing situations that cause problems
  • stress reductions strategies
  • reading body language

Changing Emotions 2 – Training
In Changing Emotions Level 2 you learn how to teach your dog

    • better leash walking skills
    • scary sounds are fun
    • scary people or dogs = good things happen for your dog
    • to relax in new environments

Changing Emotions 1 –  $250.00 per dog – 2 private consultations
Changing Emotions 2  – $280.00 per dog – 8 group classes or 4 private classes

Days and Times of the training
Private training – Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Saturday afternoons
Group classes (level 2)  –  Saturdays  @ 2:00pm 

To Start The Process
Call 541-603-6868 ask any questions you may have

For success expect to:

      • Have a controlled training environment so the training is safe and your dog will be comparatively calm
      • Make changes to what you are presently doing
      • Do about 30 minutes of training a day
      • Have a dog that can be happy and relaxed as you make the necessary changes and progress through the training

Improving quality of life for both the owner and the dog by making it so the dog can be happy and relaxed under all circumstances is the goal of this training. You will not only learn how to instill the emotions of happiness and relaxation instead of fear, anxiety, etc, you will also learn how to reduce your dog’s overall stress and how to better understand what your dog is communicating. The training will emphasize your learning process and your skills as you can have a tremendous influence over your dog’s behavior. This will make it so you are less dependent upon a trainer resulting in greater success.

Our training makes dogs more sociable

dexter“Dexter visited Albertsons today – He did awesome as people entered and exited the store and with dogs in the parking lot. No barking! He was slightly excited but still no barking. Yay dexter! & thank you Debbie!!” Jenn Templin, Springfield Oregon



Chloe“I just wanted to stop and take the time to thank you for all your help. I am certainly aware that I have put in a lot of work, but without your guidance, I know Dave and I just wouldn’t have the same wonderful dog that we have now. Even her behavior in the comfort of her own home is changing remarkably… she’s quieter, more relaxed… and more likely to spend all day sleeping on her bed! 🙂 In general, it’s fantastic to see the shift in her personality that demonstrates how much she has benefited from this special training. None of this would have been possible without your help.” Jennifer Smith, Eugene Oregon


“Remember Chester, with his dog and people challenges? We’ve continued working with him since we took your class, and we are so pleased! We had a visit from my Dad, who Chester tried to bite last time he visited. By the end of the week Chester was snuggling and kissing his nose! I am so proud I just had to tell you.” Ann Eugene Oregon


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It is my sincere goal is to increase your quality of your life while changing your dog’s emotions. Will you let me help you? Call 541-603-6868 if you have questions.