Basic and Advanced Dog Training Classes

family dog trainingOur Motto – Train, Play, Love, Smile

Train – Positive, reward based methods to create mutual trust, respect and interspecies communication
Play – engaging in mutually enjoyable activities
Love – the powerful, unselfish, loyal and benevolent attachment that forms through pleasurable activities
Smile – the pleasure brought to each others hearts due to the deeper understanding & friendship established with training.

Dog training is a partnership between the dog, pet parent and your training instructor.  The Well-Mannered Dog values our human clients equally much as the dogs.  Just look at all the free information we have on our website.  Future, current and past clients are encouraged to contact us with questions or to just keep in touch and we support owner education with handouts and other media.

Start with one of these options

Exclusively for Puppies (not yet 14 weeks of age at the first class)
Family Puppy Manners Class – description and sign up  – (under 14 week at the first class)
Puppy Socialization Class – description  – (under 14 week at the first class)

Group Week Day  Evening Classes
Family Dog Manners – description and sign up – Dogs of all ages – polite greetings, playful biting, chewing, no pulling, self-control.
Family Dog Skill Builder – description and sign up – For Dogs of all ages – obedience skills

Private Training Options
Changing Emotions – description Dogs that get scared, aggressive or anxious – sign up here
Doggie MakeOver Training – description  – Private Training – sign up here

As Your Dog Makes Progress Choose From These Options

Advanced Group Training Classes
Family Dog Distraction Class – description and sign up – For Graduates Family Dog Skill Builders
Fun & Practical Dog Sports – description and sign up – For Dogs and Owners that want to have fun
Dining with Dogs – description and sign up – Dogs that have taken any group class.

You’re Welcome to visit a class before you enroll At The Well-Mannered Dog, we understand blindly enrolling in a class, trusting that the class will be a good match for you is asking a lot and we do not expect that of you. Feel free to visit an existing class in session (without your dog) to check for compatibility, effectiveness and to be sure you will be getting value for your hard earned money.

The Proof is in the results, We deliver results

notes from our clients
Brilliant Owner training and Doggie Successes
video of a dog that has new leash walking skills
video of difficult dogs learning to coming when called

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