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These training videos are intended to be educational and inspirational.  If you would like to see more training videos or videos of a a specific subject, send me a quick e-mail indicating what you would like.

Walking A Dog That Pulls Just Is Not Fun

A Dog That Comes When Called Is A Lot Of Fun.

Polite Greetings and No Jumping.

Basic training video
Training Puppies

2013 Day Camp Video

Off Leash Play and Train Class
Agility Class



Walking A Dog That Pulls Just Is Not Fun

Tips to help you walk your dog





A Dog That Comes Is A Lot Of Fun

Train your dog to come




Polite Greetings and No Jumping



One of the most common complaints owners have is that their dog jumps on people. Enjoy this short video that shows what Lou was like before training and what he was like at the end of training. Lou learned not to jump on people through our Doggie MakeOver Program but owners can also accomplish this through our Impeccable Manners Class


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