Family Dog Manners

Family Dog Training

“I want a family dog that is polite and obeys me”

Class times – Begin any week
Tuesdays @ 6:15pm  – Puppies under 14 weeks their first class
Wednesdays @ 6:15pm – dogs of all ages

Fee – $150.00 – for 6 classes –  Pre-Registration Required
(1 makeup class offered should you need to miss a class)

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Convenient, Temperature Controlled Location 
2164 W. 6th Ave. Eugene Oregon Map

Dogs are prized for their talents, intelligence, companionship and fun loving demeanor.  Sometimes that fun loving demeanor is what gets them into trouble.  Aggravating doggie misbehavior is the dog behaving normally and a result of a lack of understanding between our 2 different species.  Through the combination of group classes suggestions that are customized for you we bridge this gap between our two different species by teaching humans how to listen to their dogs and dogs how to listen to their humans.

Class time is spent with the hands on training exercises of:
The I’m Better Game – a training game that teaches your dog to pay better attention to you.
Games that Produce Self-Control – necessary for more advanced training
Loose Leash Walking – give your dog the responsibility of keeping the leash loose – but it has to be taught.
Calmly Socializing – with other dogs, people and the environment
Speedy Sits and Downs – Don’t settle for a slow response
Politely greeting– people without jumping or playful biting
From Excited to Calm Game – teach your dog to go from an excited state to a calm state

Resulting in humans that are happy with their dog and Dogs that are happy with their humans.  Call 541-603-6868 if your have questions or click the registration button to start dog training.