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feeFee Options for Family Dog Manners Program

Your fee for the Family Dog Manners Program registers you for a levels program that allows you to advance onto the next level of training as you and your dog are ready, possibly before your membership expires.  You attend class  the same day and time each week until your dog graduates to the next level.  When you graduate to the next level you will pick which day you want to come to class if multiple days are offered.

Fee options for The Family Dog Distraction Class
Classes are consecutively scheduled, holidays do not count as they are not scheduled.
$408.00 per 24 classes –  ($168.00 savings) – 6 makeup classes possible
$336.00 per 16 classes – ($51.00 savings) – 4 makeup class possible
$192.00 – 8 consecutively classes – 2 make up class possible 

Make up classes
Life happens!  You might need to miss a class because you get sick or have a vacation planned.  Makeup classes are added onto the end of your registration.  

When your membership expires
Renew your membership at the same or different level when your membership expires.

Your Welcome to visit a class before you enroll
At The Well-Mannered Dog, we understand blindly enrolling in a class, trusting that the class will be a good match for you is asking a lot and we do not expect that of you. Feel free to visit an existing class in session (without your dog) to check for compatibility, effectiveness and to be sure you will be getting value for your hard earned money.

You can successfully train your dog. Receive the benefits of a well trained dog by starting your training as soon as possible.

Call 541-603-6868 if you have questions.

Our Guarantee and Philosophy

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