HootenannyHootenanny is a fun loving dog that is a bit of party animal.  Due to careful socialization with a large variety of stimuli he is sociable (most of the time) but can be fearful of loud, sudden sounds.  If you sneak back to the house after leaving you might find him and his friends having a dance party on the kitchen table.

Hootenanny has a great sense of fun, sometimes causing him to play practical jokes on us humans.  His favorite practical jokes are to sneak up and tag a person or grab a precious object and then run away at lightning speed. Because Hootenanny is whip smart, athletic, fast and has great physical coordination he loves:
• going on adventures
• learning anything but especially loves tricks
• dog sports like, freestyle, RallyFre and agility
• playing ball, tug and chase

But like most dogs, Hootenanny can get distracted by all the fun things out in the world so although most of the time he tries really hard and willingly complies when asked to do something, if the squirrels are inviting him to a dance party … Well lets just say he weighs his options to determine what is most to his advantage.

At the end of the day, when Hootenanny is relaxed from all his adventures he is sweet and cuddly.  Most of all he is a beloved companion.

Hootenanny’s Favorite songs

Who let the dogs out – Baha Men
Walking the Dog – Baha Men
Give me that bone – Murray Weinstock
Chase that ball – Murray Weinstock