Dog Manners and Obedience

obedience“I want a dog that is polite and obeys me”

Manners level 2 – Begin any week – Plan to spend 8-12 weeks at this level

Class Times
Wednesdays @ 7:30pm(dogs of all ages) 

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Convenient, Temperature Controlled Location
 2164 W. 6th Ave. Eugene Oregon Map

Many people have already started working on some of the things covered in this class.  That is great!  But my job is to take what you know and expand upon it.  Make it better!  This class will take a look at what you and your dog know and what it does not know.  We then fill in the gaps and in what is understood.  The result is better compliance to your words.

Covers – obedience commands of  pay attention, sit, down, come, nice walking skills and stay

When you are done with this class you will be able to go onto our Level 3 Family Dog Manners Class. Where you will learn Effective, Real Life, humane solutions so your dog is polite and responds to commands at home and in public (on walks, at the vet office or park, in stores, restaurants, when visiting, etc.) Each dog will automatically advance onto the next level when it is ready. Each level of the class expands upon the previous level to give you that great dog that is welcome anywhere and everywhere.

Your dog can be well trained. Call 541-603-6868 if your have questions or click the registration button to start dog training.