Paw Of Fame Page -Recognizing doggie brilliance

paw of fameOur paw of fame page is dedicated to:

Recognizing brilliant owner training

Successes in doggie learning

Hope you enjoy this page and feel inspired by these greats.



DuneThree Cheers For Dune! This little boy had a such a tremendous improvement in his ability to pay attention to Jenifer in Puppy Class that he did not look at me when I was taking this picture. Nov. 10 2015.  And then again when he attend Puppy Play and Train Camp, he showed a great desire to be attentive to people instead of the other dogs or the environment.


ClementineYippee, Clementine graduated from Impeccable Manners Level 1 in just 6 weeks. She is one lucky girl to have committed owners Karma and Aaron to help her with this great accomplishment. Nov. 3 2015



sully trick or treatOct. 29 and 31 2015 – “Sulley” Jill and Juan went on a field trip to work on No Jumping on People, walking skills and a down stay while passing a trick or treat to a person.  And as you can see, they all just shined.



ruby trick or treatCongratulations “Ruby”,  Chip and Chris.  This is a great improvement on teaching Ruby to not jump on people. – Oct. 29 2015




wally trick or treatWay to Go “Jolly Wally”!  Wow from Wild boy to sit still while people pet.  Rhonda, he couldn’t have done it without you.  Great Job!  Oct. 31, 2015



ChetHats off to “Chet”!  It used to be Chet could not be calm around his kitty and now they take naps together.  Dec. 30 2015



socialization extravaganza

On July 7 2016, Jax, Basil, Buster and ZsaZsa attended our Doggie Adventure which was a Socialization Extravaganza. Each dog and owner team did an amazing job.



Paw of fame Inhibition Champs

cooper“Cooper” is an Inhibition Champ! Jan. 8 2016




oliver“Oliver” and “Rafa” are a dynamic duo when it comes to Inhibition.  Jan. 8 2016




0109161700aLook at Molly Go – She is our next Inhibition Champ. Jan 10 2016




WrigleyWrigley is only 4 months old and already she is an Inhibition Champ.  Just a few minutes of work each morning and this is what they accomplished in 1 week.  Way to Go! Jan. 11 2016



Wally with kibble 3Way to Go Wally – Inhibition does not come naturally to this boy but now he is an Inhibition Champ. Jan. 13 2016




chetBeautiful Job Chet – Inhibition Champ Jan. 14 2016







JamieOh Look, Jamie is now an Inhibition Champ!  Go Jamie Go! Jan. 15 2016.




12509657_10208491583070586_7427944811106460294_nWooHoo Abby, see you can teach an old dog new tricks.  Great job on become the next Inhibition Champ. Jan. 17 2016.




20160115_183132Wow, this must have been hard this little food guzzler.  Great Job on becoming an Inhibition Champ.  Jan. 17 2016.




SullyYea Sully and Xochi!  Sully not only is an Inhibition Champ, he got their with the help of his 10 year old human sister Xochi. Jan. 18 2016




hazelWoo Hoo, Hazel!  Hazel is one of our younger Inhibition Champs.  Way to go! Jan. 18 2016.





Magnificent Molly is our next Inhibition Champs.  Jan. 21 2016.




RomeoYea!  Romeo is an Inhibition Champ.







oniOh Goodie!  Oni has just earned her Inhibition Championship after only 5 weeks in class. Feb. 11 2016