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Food Tubes make it easier to train your dog

You can put canned dog food into the tube and use it for rewards

The benefits of using canned dog food in a food tube

  • Because it is highly aromatic your dog will turn its self inside out to do what you want
  • The food it gets is part of its meals so your dog does not get any extra calories
  • Dogs with allergies or prescription diets can have controlled ingredients
  • It is easier to use, no more dropping treats


The Loose Leash Walker Helps With Pulling Problems

Walking a dog is so much nicer when the dog does not pull on leash

How it works and advantages over other products

  • The dog can not access the muscles used for pulling as effectively
  • It stimulates a counter pressure reflex causing the dog to move closer to the owner
  • If the dog tries to lunge or pull there is no pressure on the dog’s trachea
  • The dog can not pull vertebrae out of place if it tries to pull or lunge

“Our dog gets so excited to go out for walks and pulls so hard that I really can’t take her out. I received my loose leash walker yesterday and today we were actually able to go up by the road to do some side by side walking/training. Thanks, Carol Welker, Aiken SC”


A wonderful Variety of Enticing Chews

Chew, Chew, Chew

Tips to make the most out of chew items:

  • In the beginning, supervise your dog to make sure it can not swallow chucks of the item
  • Give the chew item for only 30 minutes at a time, then pick it up and take it away
  • Give chew items multiple times a day even though each session is limited to 30 minutes each
  • Use a variety of different types of chew items


Exercise Your Dog’s Brain By Having It Eat Its Meals Out Of Food Toys

Food Toys That Improve Behavior

Advantages of Using Food Toys

  • Reduces boredum
  • It takes the dog longer to eat which means there is less time for getting in trouble
  • Provides increased oral activity for oral dogs
  • It is just good, clean fun


Supplements To Aid Behavior Problems

Supplements not only improve your dog’s health but also help with behavior problems

Heath and Behavior go hand in hand. You can improve your dog’s behavior

  • By increasing Omega 3 and 6 which has a positive effect on the nervous system
  • By increasing your dogs ability to absorb nutrients through the use of probiotics and digestive enzymes
  • By increasing the “happy chemicals” in your dog’s brain
  • By using herbs that aid in relaxation

pet food

Only the best food for your dog

Pick a pet food that does not cause behavior problems

Heath and Behavior go hand in hand. You can improve your dog’s behavior¬†

  • By picking a food that does not have bi-products or fillers (
  • By eliminating corn, artificial colors, flavors (caramel), all forms of sugar and chemical preservatives from your dog’s diet
  • Is a meat based food – limited legumes

We only carry foods that do not cause behavior problems.


Good Effective Play, One Of The Most Important Things To Teach A Dog

Play, Play, Play

The benefits of you and your dog playing together

  • Your dog gets tired and is less likely to misbehave
  • If your dog thinks you provide the fun, it is more likely to follow commands
  • Commands can be integrated into the play
  • Following commands can be rewarded with play making you less dependent upon treats


Specialty training supplies can make the training process easier

The easier the training the better it is for people

Specialty training supplies can speed up the training process by

  • Allowing you to communicate what you want more effectively
  • Allowing you to prevent behavior problems from occurring in the first place
  • Allowing you to use tools that will be more effective
  • Allowing your to follow through with training protocol


The Right Treat Bag Can Make A Big Difference In Your Effectiveness

Pick a quality treat bag

Our treat bags are superior because

  • The pocket is deeper making it so treats won’t fall out
  • The construction is excellent, it won’t fall apart
  • It has a magnetic closure instead of a hinge that will wear out
  • It is large enough for your hands to easily access treats


A Reward Is Something Your Dog Is Driven To Obtain

Pick treats your dog will go crazy for

Just because your dog will eat a treat, it does not mean it is a reward. A treat is only a reward if:

  • Your dog wants it over everything else
  • Your dog will look at you instead of looking at everything else
  • It improves your dog’s behavior

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