Puppy Einstein Class


Did you know, 2 classes prior to 12 weeks of age reduces the probability of social issues by about 1.6 times.

Many people know socialization inoculates puppies against fear-based aggression. What they don’t know is, what socialization is and what it is not.

Class covers: Socialization, puppy misbehavior management (polite greetings, playful biting, housetraining, crate training), puppy obedience (pay attention, sit, down, come, no pulling), 

Fee  –  Pre-Registration Required
$100.00 – 4  Puppy Einstein classes 

Begin any week, this class is on-going
Tuesdays @ 6:15pm 

6 Convenient, Temperature controlled  Location
 2164 W. 6th Ave Eugene Oregon Map

Socialization is about introducing your puppy to a lot of new dogs, new people and new stimuli in the environment.  Socialization needs to be in such a way that it does not produce fear but does build confidence.  It is new experiences but those new experiences must produce calm, confident behavior. 

Quality socialization that teaches calm, confident behavior with other dogs. It is not about letting your puppy have wild free for all play with other dogs or the same dog over and over again.  It may or may not involve play. But as you can see, it can be a lot of fun.  It is a process that we as owners control and participate in.  Too much excitement or exuberance is just as problematic as blatant fear.

How do you find new safe dogs, people and environmental stimuli to introduce your puppy to

The Well-Mannered Dog Puppy Socialization class is the safe solution.  I love that we are able to offer this an open enrollment class because this means new puppies and people can start class each week.  Open enrollment gives you a greater variety of social experiences compared to a class in which everyone starts at the same time.  We coach you though the process.  Getting calm, confident interactions will be the emphasis. The socialization portion of class free class for all puppies participating in our in Family Dog Manners Classes and under 20 weeks of age.

Quality socialization is our passion. A major priority in our Puppy Socialization class is to help the fearful or shy puppies blossom into confident dogs.  At the same time we are teaching awareness of their bodies and that calmness is an option to the those gregarious rough and tumble extroverts. We strive to make it so you don’t every have to worry about fear or aggression issues or rude social behavior. 

The Well-Mannered Dog Puppy socialization class inoculates puppies against fear based aggression.  Enroll in our Puppy Einstein classes by clicking the “click here to sign up link” and signing your puppy up.  If you have any questions please do call me at 541-603-6868.


The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior states in its position statement  “it should be standard care for puppies to receive such socialization before they are fully vaccinated”.   The AVSAB also states, “puppies can start socialization classes as early as 7-8 weeks of age”with the condition that they are healthy and kept up to date on their vaccines. For these reasons, requirements for enrolling in our Family Dog Manners and Socialization classes are:

  • All puppies in good health and free of contagious diseases
  • Puppies are kept up to date on vaccines
  • Your pup is 7-14 weeks of age at the first class

If this class does not work well for your schedule or you have questions Call 541-603-6868

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