Take A Hike

take a hike

Take A Hike

Class Time
Saturdays @ 11:30am – Beginning  June 3 

Fee – $100.00 for 4 weeks – Preregistration required

Location – Each week we will be at a different location in the Eugene/Springfield area.  You will receive written instructions on where to meet the day before each class.

Our Take A Hike Class will teach you
• how to pick appropriate trails
• how to properly fit your dog to a back pack and other equipment
• what to pack for your dog
• safety tips
• no – pulling on leash
• keeping your dog under control as others pass
• trial Etiquette

Prerequisite Qualifications for this class are: 

• Pooches over 4 months of age, up to date of vaccines & healthy.
• Dogs that are calm enough to eat treats during class.
• Canines that won’t bark or whine more than a few minutes. 
• Dogs and people who can walk at a moderate pace for 45 minutes to an hour
• Dogs that have completed at least our Level 1 classes.
• Socially appropriate dogs  (no angry barking, snapping, non-playfully biting or growling or arousal issues) towards dogs or person

Whew!  I can’t wait for some summer fun with all my doggie friends and their people.  Sign Up Early as I this class will have a limited number of dogs.