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Keep The Fun. Lose The Frustration!

Producing concrete transformations through purposeful, fun games.

How we protect you and your dog’s health and Safety

We’re in this Together


You’ve got this, and we’ve got you.

We successfully deal with doggie misbehavior every day.

And time after time, our clients prove our 3-minute games result in:

• dogs with controlled friendliness (the comfortable type of friendly behavior)
• no more worries or fear because their dog listens and minds.
• pups with excellent manners, ones to be proud of
• a fun companion
• and a calm dog so you can relax with friends, have fun family outings and peace around the house.

But don’t take our word for it.  See what our clients have to say

Your Dream Dog is just around the corner

You got a dog for fun, not to be embarrassed or frustrated by doggie misbehavior.

You didn’t intend to have a jumping, nipping, pulling, barking, canine tornado.

Your dream didn’t involve chasing your dog down the street in your pajamas when it wouldn’t come when called.

And holy cow, what about that red-faced moment when you had to explain to a stranger your dog is scared.

Your dream dog, the one you’ve been so excited about, is a dog with training. And now that you’ve found us, it is just around the corner.

You can start looking forward to having a calm, well-mannered dog, enjoying family outings, walks, hikes, and having company over again.

We’ve got your back!

The Well-Mannered Dog is about YOU, your dog, and providing the support you need to have a fantastic relationship.

Click the video to see the great results we get.

Because we don’t just care about dogs, we care about you too; we offer you a variety of training choices.

For example, our dog training services located in Eugene Oregon since 1987, offered group and private training on a variety of days and at different times, and now we are offering some online training.

Most importantly, we understand what you want most is a dog that is calm and listens everywhere and anywhere, so we have designed a variety of ways to support you through the training process.

"You believed in us when others didn't & because of that, we surpassed our goals"

Leslie McDonald, Springfield Oregon

"I'm ecstatic with today's class. For the first time, I feel confident. When she relaxed & laid down, that blew us away "

Penny Yoder, Eugene Oregon

"With the progress we've made, I now have faith Bugs can change, Thank you for giving us faith."

Lauren Hargrove

"I'm amazed by your masterful teaching. Your classes have made life with Pearl less stressful and more fun.

Linda Gauntley, Junction City Oregon

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We have many options to meet a variety of training needs.

• group classes or private training
• dogs of all ages
• personalized attention
• Training designed to transform struggles into your dream.


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