What you are paying for:

 To begin training immediately
 Humane, training that builds a positive, fun relationship with your dog
 Weekly Training Plans and games that grow your dog’s skills transforming challenges into superhero powers.

These classes are for dogs that do all or some of the following:

Charge up to other dogs or people
Growl, lunge, or bark – on or off-leash
Are Resistant to go walks or to new places
 Becomes overly stimulated by dogs or people
 Barks too much
 Bites or Fights
⭐ Are hyper-vigilant, just looking for something to react to
Display nervousness
Have been kicked out of other classes or would not be appropriate for them.

As a bonus you will get:

  • 3-5 in-person or online classes per month
  • Access to our awesome Private Facebook group that is only for our students.
  • Access to our Online Support class
  • A reserved spot, same time each week, regardless of your dog’s level of training.

Registration is Open Friday at 6 pm and closes Saturday @ 6pm