Step 1

Doggie Tutor Training

Price of Doggie Tutor Training
$288 per week – 3 appointments per week @ WMD
$388 per week – 3 appointments over 2 weeks @ Your house.

This training runs as a subscription
Subsequent payments are automatically applied to your chosen payment method on the day of the month you joined.
Example – If you registered on the 10th, your next automated payment will be on the 10th.

Cancel your subscription by emailing us prior to your next automated payment. Then finish all the training that you paid for.

Our Doggie Tutor Training is unique.
We train your dog 3 days in a row to establish skills,
then you do homework over the next 4 days to grow and maintain those skills.  

Appointments will be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday afternoons. The exact times will be set over the phone with a phone call.  I will call you within 24 hours of receiving your application.

On your application, you will picking:
• where you want your appointments to take place.
• your primary goal

If You Struggle with the Form
When you click the button on the bottom application if it does not take you to the next page, check this page for errors or unanswered questions.

Keep in mind, all appointments need to be used within the specified time on the form.

If you struggle to get your form to go through, please call us @ 541-603-6868.