This is your application for Personalized Training

Online Personalized Training or
In-Person Personalized Training

Your First Appointment needs to be a single appointment for the purpose of evaluating your dog.

$175 – Evaluation appointment

What you are paying for:

🎯 A thorough evaluation of your dog (first appointment)
A targeted, tailor-made plan just for you.
🎯 Your appointment plus supportive emails
🎯 Support through e-mail, phone
🎯 Written notes, videos, and handouts for each appointment

Great for people and Dogs who:

🎯 Need their Dog Evaluated
🎯 Value customized training, just right for you & your dog.
🎯 Want one-on-one attention.
🎯 Have a busy or demanding schedule or can’t attend group classes.

Your personalized training can take place online or in-person at our training building.

If you struggle to get your application to go through, please call us @ 541-603-6868.