These classes are for Puppies that:

• are not yet 20 weeks old
• won’t bark repeatedly.
• are not stressed or upset with dogs or people.
• are puppies or adult dogs
• are in good health, free of contagious disease
• up to date on vaccines
• can relax enough to eat treats
• need help with Good Manners or Obedience
• can walk or be carried down the stairs

What you are paying for:

  • 3-5 in-person or online classes per month
  • Access to our awesome Private Facebook group.
  • Access to our online Videos and Handouts
  • A reserved spot, same time each week.
  • To begin training immediately
  • Humane, training that builds a positive, fun relationship with your dog
  • Weekly Training Plans and games that grow your dog’s skills transforming challenges into superhero powers.

These classes run as a subscription membership
Subsequent payments are automatically applied to your chosen payment method on the day of the month you joined.
Example – If you registered on the 10th, your next automated payment will be on the 10th.

Cancel your membership by emailing us prior to your next automated payment. Then finish all the training that you paid for.

If you struggle to get your application to go through, please call us @ 541-603-6868.

2 Puppy Class Form

  • Your application is a legal contract and therefore, must be FILLED OUT by the PRIMARY PERSON training who must be an adult.


  • Phone Number of Primary Person Doing The TrainingNames of Other Adults who may attend class 
  • Your Dog's Information

  • Your Dog's NamePrimary BreedBirthdateSexLocal Veterinarian 
  • Due Date for next set of vaccines (Distemper / Parvo):Your Top Goal2nd Top GoalOnce trained, what will you be able to do that you presently cant 
  • Has your dog Bitten a person not in play?Has your dog every attacked another dog?List things that cause your dog to bark 
  • Miscellaneous Information

  • How did you find out about our training?What Social Media Outlet Do You PreferWhat made your decide to get professional help?What attracted you to enroll with us compared to other places you looked at: 
  • Agreements, Policies and Conditions