The Well-Mannered Dog is accepting applications for class assistants. 

Complete the form below to apply.

Do you love training your own dog? Do you want to learn more about training and behavior? Volunteer with The Well-Mannered Dog as a class assistant.

Training Assistant Job Description
The Well-Mannered Dog offers both group classes and personalized training sessions that advocate science-based, positive reinforcement training.  

We offer dogs and dog lovers alike an exceptional dog training experience with trainers who are passionate and driven! 

This position requires strong skills including:
• empathetic
• non-judgmental help
• while assisting in group classes and personal training sessions. 

Our trainers always use games that emphasize positive reinforcement training as clients and their dogs master skills. We are dedicated to our clients and our mission.

Desire to learn about positive reinforcement training (R+) and dog behavior

Commitment to R+ and LIMA (least intrusive minimally aversive)

Eager to learn and grow dog training skills through observation, attending online or in-person conferences, seminars, reading books, and more.

Good communication skills with both humans and dogs

Specific tasks include but are not limited to:
• Assisting with classes, lessons, and other responsibilities as needed

• Practice good situational awareness and make sure dogs are kept safe and not overly stressed

• Use positive reinforcement and follow LIMA (least intrusive minimally aversive) while working with clients’ dogs

• Able to take direction from trainers and other staff members

• Maintain all safety protocol 

• Cleaning the training center

• Cutting training treats

• Able to manage yourself and time well 

• Be friendly, helpful, and reliable!

The Well-Mannered Dog

What is it?
Our class assistant program allows you to learn more about dog training and behavior while earning credits towards your education and classes.

How does it work?
The Well-Mannered Dog trainers teach a course while you assist with set up, and takedown, manage barking, cheerlead successes, and other tasks that help classes run smoothly. This allows the trainer focus on instructing and allows the students to focus on learning.

How do I get started?
Fill out the application (to the right). Qualified individuals will be invited to schedule an interview. Invitations to the interview will be sent within 24 hours.

2. After all the interviews, we will notify those accepted as class assistants and start them on their assistant training.

Then What Happens?
Once accepted into the program, you will need to:

1. Submit a signed copy of the Assistant Non-Compete Contract.

2. Read assigned homework (you determine how quickly you go through material)

3. Sign up for assistant hours and track your volunteer hours which are submitted on a monthly basis.  Those are then calculated and credited towards education next class.

Assistant Application

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