The root cause of Doggie misbehavior


is a lack of Calmness


Calm dogs have the ability to think clearly and make great choices.

From Chaos To Calmness


Start Date
Wednesday, Sept. 15 @ 6:00 pm – registration deadline Sept. 8

Price $169
How This Class Works
Just like you would not teach a child new math skills at Disneyland, you can’t teach your dog new calmness skills at an in-person class.

Your needs an opportunity to learn these new skills in the quiet of his home before applying it to new places.

We have found is dogs and people learn these calmness skills faster with online training. This way, they can learn in their relaxing home environment.

Your five classes are online.  One week prior to class, you begin getting homework e-mails that you immediately implement.  Then during class, we play the training games, I answer questions and tweak the training.

You will be teaching your dog:
• to default to calmness
• to go from excited to calm
• how to relax in the presence of exciting events.

When you finish this class, in-person group or private training will be even more successful.

“The other day my daughter was playing with my other dogs outside and the door open, while I played calmness games in my office with Buster. I just love it when my dogs make good choices. He came into my office and laid down.”

Bobbi Dehart, Cottage Grove Oregon

“She was so perfect. Saw a mat and hopped on…I didn’t have the heart to tell her it wasn’t for her.”

Tiffany Moran, Creswell Oregon

“Buckbeak got fixed yesterday.

I am grateful for all of the things I’ve learned to help keep calm for the next 5 days. He’s getting a lot of food dispensing toys and calming games.

Thanks, Debbie, for teaching Calmness Games to make this a less stressful thing on all of us.”

Sharayah Barr, Eugene Oregon