Come Racing To Me

Owning a dog that does not come when called can be inconvenient, severely limit the amount of fun you can have and be extremely dangerous.  My goal, when I call my dog is that it comes racing to me. Do you think these dogs can learn to come when called?   Neither...

Trust – how it affects your training

Trust – An essential part to successful training When it comes to any relationship, trust is an essential part of the best, healthiest most enjoyable relationships.   But what does the word trust mean to the relationship you have with your dog?
Help my dog won’t listen to me

Help my dog won’t listen to me

You’ve worked hard to teach your dog to sit, down, come, etc. But you feel like what you say goes in one of your dog’s ears and out the other.  You feel like your dog won’t listen to you. Dogs living in human society are bombarded with stimuli to distract...