I’m here to help and support you on this training journey.

My goal is to give you all the help and support you need to train your dog, yes even between classes. 

To do this, I give you a number of ways to contact me.


Call or E-mail

Phone – 541-603-6868
e-mail – debbie@humanedogtraining.com

Texting is not available



My goal is to give you all the help and support you need to train your dog, yes even between classes.

One way I do this is through Facebook. Our private Facebook page is one way you can ask questions, or post videos of the training games you need help with.

In addition there will be bonus training tips and  fun, educational training challenges to participate in.

First, join our Public Facebook page for our live Q & A sessions and everything doggie fun. then click the like button. Then click the follow button and select See First.

Next go to our Private Facebook page – And click join. This private page is a special place just for clients. You can post questions, videos of your problem behavior, video of your training and share all the wonderful success you are having with your training. We want to celebrate those successes with you.



You are welcome to submit 1-minute videos of any training games you are struggling with or behavior struggles you want me to see

Ideally, your video is landscape view which will give me the best visual of your dog and the environment.

How to get your videos to me

E-mail (no texts) – Some e-mail systems this works well for, others it doesn’t. Usually, videos need to be under 1 minute for this to work.

Drop Box – Send me a link to the videos,

Google Drive – If you have google drive, you can also use that

YouTube – Send me a link to the videos

Facebook – This is a popular option

If you don’t have a friend or family member who take the video find a way to prop your device up. You can make a phone stand out of an empty Toilet paper roll.