Come – Games that have your dog coming in fast

November 28, 2020

Behaviors like Come or Loose Leash Walking that require action are strongest when we use games as a tool. Because the more fun you and your dog have playing the game, the better your dog will listen and respond.

Come As Fast As You Can Games

Here is a list of games with brief descriptions that will improve your dog’s speed, sense of fun, and ability to come when you call.

#1 – Race Away games – once your dog starts coming to you, race away and let your dog catch you
#2 – Games of Hide and Seek – Inside and Outside of the house
#3 – Come and Tug Games – call your dog short distances and play tug games
#4 – Can’t kiss me Games – this is like keep away with your face, but you do let your dog win and get those kisses in.

Hide N Go Seek

Look around your house for some great hiding places. 

Steal away and hide when your dog is doing its own thing.

Then call out, “Find me [dog’s name] find me.” 

When your dog finds you, have a party with play and treats. Then wait for your next opportunity to hide.


Have one person hold your dog by the collar while you hide and call your dog to find you.

This game is known for improving coming when called.

What is hard about this Game?

Have you played Hide and Go Seek with your dog?
Does your dog love it?
What is the hardest part of this game for you?

Let me know in the comments section what you love and struggle with when playing Hide and Go Seek Games.  And I love getting videos and pictures of dogs playing these games so send me a picture or video at or post it to my Facebook page.

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Author – Debbie Schaefer

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