Hey Dog Lovers

We want to communicate with you about how we are dealing with our training services and the coronavirus (COVID-19).

At the well-Mannered Dog, our priority is the mental and physical health of you and your dog.

We always have:

1. Practiced regular cleaning protocols
2. Used a cleaning product commonly used in hospitals that will kill contagious diseases.
3. And we have always had hand sanitizer available for clients.
4. The amount of space between training stations has always been is 2-3 times what is recommended by the World Health Organization and the Oregon Health Authority.

Also, we currently:

1. Clean contact surfaces at The Well-Mannered Dog between classes instead of weekly.
2. Set up cleaning supplies at each dog’s training station for indoor classes.
3. Put Hand sanitizer in more blatant, conspicuous, in your face places.
4. Have implemented new policies on what happens if you are sick or quarantined.
5. Offer online training & phone consultations options, for those at high risk or who prefer that option.
6. Offer pre-recorded videos of class content, so we don’t need to get close to you or your dog for demonstration purposes.
7. Conduct some classes outside instead of indoors.
8. Require facemasks when indoors or within 6 feet.
9. Control traffic by discouraging clients from arriving to class too early.
10. Wear gloves when direct contact is necessary.
11. Require people who are sick or exposed to someone with COVID-19 to reschedule their training.

Our philosophy is to actively take strong, appropriate, cautionary actions but not deny you or your dog the training necessary for good companionship.

Staff members are taking their temperatures before arriving at training, cleaning hands and shoes between classes, and encouraging our clients also to do so.

We will remain friendly to you and your dog, but will avoid shaking hands, taking your dog’s leash, and not touch your dog as much out of caution.

Stay happy and healthy,

Debbie Schaefer, Owner of The Well-Mannered Dog