Hey Dog Lovers

Our dog-loving friends and students are precious to us. Our goal is to continue supporting your efforts to train your dog to be the best doggie companion you have ever had while protecting the mental and physical health of you and your dog.

Our updated COVID Protocols are as follows.

What we require of you

1. Ask that you use hand sanitizer upon entry to class. Hand sanitizer is located just inside the door.
If you would like children to attend, please call us to check for appropriateness.
3. Reschedule your training if you are sick or exposed to someone who is sick.
4. We do still require facemasks to be worn at all times. Why?  2 reasons
        1. Oregon still has one of the highest COVID case rates in the nation.
        2. Guidelines for businesses have not yet been established.

What we do:
1. Clean contact surfaces between classes plus perform deep cleaning at the end of each training day.
2. Use  70% alcohol and other cleaners that kill contagious diseases.
3. Provide 20 feet of space between training stations (3 times the recommendation).
4. We offer online training & phone consultations for those at high risk or who prefer that option.
5. Pre-recorded videos are used to minimize the need for in-person demonstrations.
6. Control traffic by discouraging clients from arriving to class too early.
7. Staff temperature checks prior to arriving at training.
8. Instructor(s) are in the middle of the room with a microphone so you can hear.

Our philosophy is to actively take strong, appropriate, cautionary actions while offering you or your dog the fun, comfortable, and friendly training space necessary for the great quality training of your dog.

Stay happy and healthy,

Debbie Schaefer, Owner of The Well-Mannered Dog