Zero in on what is important to you with our in-depth, topic-specific Deep Dive Workshops

Are you ready for our deep dive topic-specific workshops?

Deep Dive Workshops

Thursdays @ 7:20pm – Start the first week of any month

Price – $144 per month  – more information below more information below

Pre-requisite – Instructor Recommendation – If you are not currently taking classes, call us.

Do you want focused work on specific subjects?

Each deep dive workshop will run for 3-5 weeks and give you an in-depth deep dive into that month’s topic.  Here are some of our upcoming topics
November  – Stunning Loose Leash Walking
December – Holiday Surprise secial
January – Boosting Confidence
February – Beyond The Basics
March – Calmness
April – Focus
May – Polite Greetings
June – Come Fast and Furious

These deep-dive workshops are designed to for dogs at various levels of training with each dog owner team working at a level that is good for them.

Registration for Current students – Contact your instructor to get into this class.

Everyone Else – Click the Button to the right.


These Workshops are suitable for dog:

• That don’t bark or whine repeatedly 
• Who don’t get upset with other dogs or people
• Of all ages and skill level
• Can relax enough to eat treats 

• In good health, free of contagious disease 
• Up to date on vaccines 

* If your dog gets overly excited or is unfriendly with dogs or people, see our Chaos To Calmness Class.

“This morning, Kúra and I started out on our usual early-morning training walk, full of “games”–

Three houses down, another early riser broke out in a yapping frenzy when he heard us. What did Kúra do? NOTHING! He looked at me, actually, kept his leash loose, and continued our training games. Yayyy!!!!

Thank you, Debbie, for getting us started with Calmness Training and the simple idea that my bark-bark-bark pup needed to learn self-control. In a thousand tiny steps, he has learned lots and lots of self-control, and it’s fun for him and for me. It took him a long time to understand “loose leash” but once he got the idea, he has been able to “throw” that behavior at me as if to say “Look, Ma, I’m here, at your side, ready to play, ready to go!”

Karen Fabiano, Eugene Oregon

“Debbie, we are so thankful for you! Before signing up for your class, Crew struggled to control all her excitement and big puppy feelings. Enrolling in your classes has made a world of difference, especially the Deep Dives!!! Thanks to your Polite Greetings Deep Dive we have a puppy that calmly greets us with tail wags and belly rubs instead of jumping and putting her paws in our face. And we have the tools to build up polite greetings with guests, and it is paying off!! Your classes are amazing, fun for owners AND dogs. Thank you!”

Emma Garner, Eugene Oregon

Debbie, a quick note to let you know our puppy Lucy was a shining star during the long holidays.  She was incredible!  Thank you for investing so much of your self into our training.

The Lyons Family, Lowell Oregon