Transforming behavior with our in-depth, topic-specific Deep Dive Workshops

Does your dog Jump on People?

You’ve Got This! And We’ve Got You!

We know polite manners is a top goal, so we’re giving you 7 FREE Days of  Tips, Strategies and games for Polite Greetings. 👍

Manners and Obedience Class

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You’ll be delighted & blown away by the transformation of our 3-minute games.

Those big brown eyes

That wagging tail

and the big wide doggie grin.

You were charmed when your dog said, “pick me!”

But now, the honeymoon is over, and all you can see is devilish horns popping out of your dog’s head.

How frustrating!  Where did the fun go?

Our Serious Self-Control Deep-Dive Workshops

offer you 2 clear path options to having a Well-Mannered Dog.

Start your training with our Serious Self-Control Deep-Dive Workshops.  Each Deep Dive workshop is topic-specific and gives you in-depth instruction to meet your goals.  Our Weekly training plans and games are designed to benefit dogs of different levels and abilities.

Each workshop runs 4-6 weeks and gives you an in-depth deep dive into each topic.

Deep-Dive topics:
Stunning Loose Leash Walking
Polite Greetings and Playful Biting
Come Fast and Furious
Boosting Confidence
Beyond The Basics
Fantastic Focus

In-Person Group Classes

Days and Time
Tuesdays @ 7:20pm – Start Any Week
Thursdays @ 6:15pm – Start Any Week

Price – $144 per month  more information below

Pre-Requisite for EnrollingBasic group class qualifications

We recognize your education is just as important as your dog’s.  For this reason, all lessons are supported with videos and handouts and you have access to them prior to attending class.

In addition, to make sure you are prepared for class, your first week may be without your dog.

This structure allows you to:

  • Discover what questions you have so you know what to ask.
  • See what is hard and easy, allowing us to better make adjustments to your training.
  • First, gain your skills in your best learning environment – the comfort of your home.
  • Then get help, feedback, clarity, and adjustments in class.

    Online Self-Paced Program

    Online Program
    Fridays @ 6:00 pm

    Price – $144 per month  more information below

    Not all dogs or people do well with in-person classes.  Our online self-paced program allows you to follow our program online and join our online support class to get feedback on your training.


    This structure is perfect for:

    • The class you want is full, start here and then you get the first opening for in-person training.
    • Dogs who are reactive, fearful, or bark too much, still get much-needed help.
    • Growing your skills in your most comfortable learning environment, your home.
    • People who want to go at their own pace.  Whether that is because you have a busy schedule or need to go slower or faster in the program.
    • People who do not live locally.  It does not matter where you live; you can still train with us.

    These classes run as a runs as a subscription membership
    Subsequent payments are automatically applied to your chosen payment method on the day of the month you joined.
    Example – If you registered on the 10th, your next automated payment will be on the 10th.

    Cancel your membership by emailing us prior to your next automated payment. Then finish all the training that you paid for.

    With your monthly fee you get:

    • Humane, training that builds a positive, fun relationship with your dog
    • Weekly Training Plans and games that grow your dog’s skills transforming challenges into superhero powers.
    • 3-5 classes per month
    • Access to our awesome Private Facebook group that is only for our students.
    • A reserved spot, same time each week, regardless of your dog’s level of training.
    • The help and support you need to meet your goals.

    “Oliver came out of the bathroom with that look that means he stole something out of the trash. I cued him to drop and he dropped a razor blade right into my hand. Thank you for teaching me these life saving skills.”

    Ryan Waterman, Springfield Oregon

    “Debbie’s teaching style, expertise, and problem solving ideas are so thorough, success is the only option! I am so grateful for all the fun I have been able to have with my 3-time-failed rescue dog because of Debbie.

    And now, my 4.5 month old puppy has just graduated his first class too and we can hardly wait for our next class to begin.

    Debbie’s classes delivers valuable and consise training information.”

    Meg Garbutt, Eugene Oregon

    “Today I am very thankful for you, Debbie. This Thanksgiving we opened our home to 3 dogs so their parents could travel.  I am so proud of BonBon!  She is absolutely the most “well-mannered” of the group!!!  She is a calming force in the chaos & that would not be true without your help.  Thank you for your patience in training me to guide her.” 

    Rhonda Winkle, Eugene Oregon