Transforming behavior with our in-depth, topic-specific Deep Dive Workshops

Real-Life Deep Dives

Beginning Level – Tuesdays @ 6:00pm – Start any week
Advanced Dogs  – Tuesdays @ 7:20pm 

Price – $144 per month – Sale – Your second month is half off more information below

Pre-Requisite for EnrollingBasic group class qualifications

Our Real-Life Deep-Dives offer you a clear path to having a Well-Mannered Dog.

Start your training with our Real-Life Deep-Dives.  Each Deep Dive is topic-specific and gives you in-depth instruction to meet your goals.  Our Weekly training plans and games are designed to benefit dogs of different levels and abilities.

Your subscription membership
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Example – If you registered on the 10th, your next automated payment will be on the 10th.

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With your monthly fee you get:

  • Humane, training that builds a positive, fun relationship with your dog
  • Weekly Training Plans and games that grow your dog’s skills transforming challenges into superhero powers.
  • 3-5 classes per month
  • Access to our awesome Private Facebook group that is only for our students.
  • A reserved spot, same time each week, regardless of your dog’s level of training.
  • The help and support you need to meet your goals.

Get Help with:

A. Household Manners: House Training, Jumping, Playful Biting, Chewing and Steeling, Crate Training, Calmness.

B. Leash Walking: Go from being pulled around to having a dog that keeps the leash loose and notices your change of direction.

C. Coming When Called: Have a dog that turns on a dime and comes racing to you when you call.

D. Basic Training Foundations: Motiviation, Sit, Down, and Focus on you.

E. Real-Life Application: When your dog is ready for the Advanced level, go on field trips with us to get help with real-life applications.

We’ve got your back

Weekly Classes


3-5 in-person classes per month, with a reserved spot in class the same time each week.

How we protect you and your dog’s health and Safety

Monthly Challenges

Targeted Subjects

Your training covers the subjects and games that grows a positive, fun relationship with your dog using humane training. My oath to you is this is 100% reward-based, ethical and transformational.

These games grow your dog’s skills transforming challenges into fun.



Your Success path is laid out for you.  A systematic process of growing towards your dog-owning dream.  

Learn the games during your in-person class but then then get the support you need with videos and handouts in our online Hub, plus phone and e-mail support.

Success Path

Success Path

We lay out the correct order of events for Success for you, by  pinpointing where you are and take you through the systematic process to where you want to be.

All you have to do is make the changes to what you do and play the games that shape your dog’s behavior.


Facebook Community

You get to ask questions, get answers, and support in class and on our Private Facebook Community page.
A No shame
No guilt,
100% supportive
 community of dog lovers.

We are Passionate About Dog Training

We have over 36 years as a certified, professional, dog trainer helping dog lovers train their dog to be a dog that can have fantastic manners, listen and respond.

“Oliver came out of the bathroom with that look that means he stole something out of the trash. I cued him to drop and he dropped a razor blade right into my hand. Thank you for teaching me these life saving skills.”

Ryan Waterman, Springfield Oregon

“Debbie’s teaching style, expertise, and problem solving ideas are so thorough, success is the only option! I am so grateful for all the fun I have been able to have with my 3-time-failed rescue dog because of Debbie.

And now, my 4.5 month old puppy has just graduated his first class too and we can hardly wait for our next class to begin.

Debbie’s classes delivers valuable and consise training information.”

Meg Garbutt, Eugene Oregon

“Today I am very thankful for you, Debbie. This Thanksgiving we opened our home to 3 dogs so their parents could travel.  I am so proud of BonBon!  She is absolutely the most “well-mannered” of the group!!!  She is a calming force in the chaos & that would not be true without your help.  Thank you for your patience in training me to guide her.” 

Rhonda Winkle, Eugene Oregon

On behalf of Remmy, we want to thank you for such a great class last night.  Since Richard is deeply into training opportunities, I foresee you in our lives for some time!”

Susan, Richard and Remmy, EUGENE OREGON

How do cancelations work?

Its easy! You have 2 ways to cancel. One is to call or e-mail us and we will do it for you.  The second is through your online hub portal.  Cancel anytime and finish off what you have paid for.

What kind of training do you offer

We believe all training can be conducted without intimidation, pain, or fear.  Clients are encouraged to use any rewards their dog loves (food, toys, play, social contact, etc.) and are driven to obtain.

In addition, we go beyond teaching behaviors and teach the concepts your dog is missing (calmness, self-control, disengagement etc.), and we do it all with games.

How do I know it will work?

Success is dependent upon the human part of the team.  It is for people willing to:
• take action,
• make changes to what they are presently doing,
• come to class,
• watch the videos, use their handouts, and play the games. 

If that is you, sign up, and you will succeed.

How much time does this take each day?

Most games are 3 minutes daily with a maximum 5 games each week.  That is a 15 minutes a day of training. 

Who is Debbie Schaefer?

Debbie Schaefer is the founder of The Well-Mannered Dog, SuperDog Challenge Club and one of Oregon’s first certified professional dog trainers.  She has been training professionally since 1987. Debbie brings science and passion to all of her work, which supports dogs of all abilities and temperaments to have focus, self-control and joy. In addition, Debbie has competed in competition obedience and now spends her time participating in the sport of Musical Freestyle. Debbie believes that a positive, playful approach using simple games can change the lives of dogs and their people.

With decades of experience and 1000’s of dogs helped, Debbie generously shares her knowledge with the hope that dog owners worldwide overcome their struggles to live their dog owning dream.