Where It All Began

It began as a passion for dogs and grew into a passion for helping dog lovers have fun with their dogs while reducing the frustration of doggie misbehavior. The idea for The Well-Mannered Dog started when a local veterinarian suggested Debbie’s unique sense of fun while getting dogs to behave would be valued by the committee. With 13 years of experience training and showing dogs, Debbie Schaefer started to offer training classes once a week while raising her kids. The Well-Mannered Dog grew, and in 1993 when certifications for dog trainers became available, Debbie was one of the first dog trainers in Oregon to become certified. Continued growth and development have always been a huge consideration. We now offer a variety of group, online, and personalized training programs that let dog lovers focus on Manners and Lifeskills, Changing emotional associations, and, yes, dog sports.

Located in beautiful Eugene, Oregon, The Well-Mannered Dog has the advantage of a large indoor temperature-controlled space for classes and gorgeous outdoor, real-life locations for training challenges.

Onward & Upward

Debbie and her team have a passion for growing and moving forward with their training journeys. Always looking for better ways to do things and always progressing. Our ethos is to change, move forward, and help dog lovers have fun with their dogs. We never stop learning, and we pass that learning onto our students. Each trainer has their own special gifts to help you achieve your goals. We are always planning and thinking about the future, building on successes and forging new ones.

Meet The Well-Mannered Dog Team

Debbie Schaefer

Owner & Master Trainer

Head Trainer Debbie Schaefer is responsible for the high-quality classes, workshops, and events offered at The Well-Mannered Dog. In addition to running The Well-Mannered Dog, she teaches group and online courses that focus on Companion Dog Skills of Manners, Lifeskills, and Changing emotions. Debbie has competed in competitions obedience and now spends her time participating in the sport of Musical Freestyle. 

Certification Council For Professional Dog Trainers
Fear Free Animal Trainer Certified
Absolute Dogs Professional Dog Trainer Program Certified
Absolute Dogs Geek Program Certified