The first Dog trainer in Eugene Oregon to be certified

Working with the first dog trainer in Eugene Oregon to be certified means you will have a wonderful companion around the house and is great with company. Your dog will be a welcome guest when you travel and it will be fun to take on outtings.

So, you have a dog!  Yay! As the first dog trainer in Eugene Oregon to be certified, I  have the experience to understand you must love your dog very much to be investigating training.

But it’s so frustrating when your dog misbehaves!

We get it! You got your dog for companionship, fun and, well who could resist. That frustration doesn’t make you any less of a dog lover. With the training programs offered at The Well-Mannered dog, you can have a dog that is a companion, a welcome guest when you travel or go on outings, and a delight around the house and when you have company.


How do we know all this?

Debbie Schaefer, owner of The Well-Mannered Dog grew up training and showing dogs in competition obedience.

But wait, that’s not the good part!

In 1987, while  she was working in a veterinary hospital, she found a lot of people had dog training questions and they were incredibly frustrated with their dog.  The idea of helping dog lovers like you live a better life with their dogs was super exciting.  Better than the many trophies she had won. 

So Debbie decided to change career paths and help dog lovers live peacefully, happy lives with their dogs. And she knew she wanted to do it with positive training because it that teaches how to gain gentle control, while teaching dogs to choose “good behaviors” over naughty behaviors.

In addition, Debbie has adopted and successfully trained 2 of her own troubled rescue dogs, each of whom would have a difficult time going into the average home, and has owned many different breeds of dogs and raised up 4 puppies.

Debbie has spent the last 32 years:

  • showing dogs
  • working in veterinary hospitals
  • teaching dog lovers how to successfully turn their rambunctious, rude, disobedient dogs into Well-Mannered companions
  • And owning troubled dogs and a large variety of different breeds

That means there are few bad behaviors Debbie can’t tame or troublesome pups Debbie can’t help turn into well-mannered dogs.

And if that is not enough.

Because The Well-Mannered Dog’s goal is to eliminate your stress, frustration and embarrassment over your dog’s behavior in the least possible time and to give you tremendous support in the process, we continue our education.

Debbie Schaefer was the first dog trainer in Eugene Oregon to become certified. Our knowledge has been tested and we are certified through  The Certification Counsel For Professional Dog Trainers, and  Fear Free program and we continue our professional education through multiple resources (Fenzi Academy, Karen Pryor Academy, Chicken Camp, Apdt, etc).  This means your training will be effective, efficient and very successful.