Chaos To Calmness

Even great dogs can get a bit emotional.

Whether your dog is overly excited, fearful, shy, reactive, or aggressive, I can help!

It feels horrible when your dog is out of control.  It might be overly excited, barks, lunges, is scared, or worse, bites or fights.

Your dog might be fine one minute and the next minute it is overly excited or showing fear or reactivity. And when your dog is like that, it doesn’t listen to a word you say.

I know this problem is stressful and frustrating.  No Worries, I Can Help!

Our Chaos to Calmness program has transformed the lives of hundreds of dog lovers and their dogs.

This program reshapes your dog’s brain, the emotional associations.  We transform your struggles into strengths and can help if your dog:
Charges up to other dogs or people
Growls, lunges, barks on or off-leash
Is Resistant to walk or go places
Becomes overly stimulated by dogs or people
Barks too much
Bites or Fights
Is hyper-vigilant, just looking for something to react to
Is nervous
Has been kicked out of other classes or would not be appropriate for them.

We can help whether your dog has just little bit of a problem or a big problem.

Yes, we are currently conducting training classes

A sneak peek at YOUR training

 Online lessons until your team is ready for in-person training
Games established away from the situation until you are confident
Games played in the situation once you are proficient and confident
Playing in a variety of environments;
Rehearsing real-life strategies
Learning how to really motivate your dog
A dog that can remain cool, calm, and collected
Controlled, safe training set-ups
Changing your dog’s weaknesses to strengths
A plan of action

We start your dog’s training in the most relaxing, environment (your home).

The goal is to build your understanding of how to train your dog and grow your confidence, before exposing your dog to challenges by first giving you online training.

But as soon as your team is ready, you attend our controlled real-life in-person classes.

This combination means your dog’s transformation will happen faster and be more complete.

Enrollment deadline for the next class is Nov. 5

Online lessons arrive by e-mail starting Nov. 6th
The first 4 weeks
of Online Zoom classes begin on Nov. 12 @ 6:00pm 
Then Online classes
change to Saturdays @ 4pm
When your dog is ready for in-person training
come on Saturdays @ 9am

6 months of training  – $399
Written and video lessons every week with (3-5 Zoom or in-person classes per month)

The Good News is your dog’s emotions can change & as they changes both you and your dog will: 

• Gain social freedom at home and in public
• Have less stress
• Be happier and more relaxed
• Have an improved quality of life

“Hi Debbie!

Thank you so much! We love our little poofy gremlin and I see the best in him everyday 🙂 I am really happy with your classes so far and love positive reinforcement. Growing up, I saw older family members using fear or hitting to punish dogs and as I became older, it just never felt okay to me. So finding ways of helping my dog without having to be aggressive is so nice and I love how much happier he is and how much fun he has with the games 🙂

Bilbo looooves the Duck Duck Goose game!!

Thank you again and have a great day!

— Annie Erskine and “Bilbo”

“Remember Chester with his dog and people challenges?  We have continued working with him since we took your class and we are so pleased.  We had a visit from my dad who Chester tried to bite the last time he visited.  By the end of the week, Chester was snuggling and kissing his nose!  I am so proud, I just had to tell you.”

Ann Stark, Eugene Oregon

“I just wanted to stop and say thank you for all your help.  Without your help, I know we would not have the same wonderful dog we have now. Her behavior is changing remarkably.  She is quieter, more relaxed and she is more likely to spend all day sleeping in her bed.  In general, it’s fantastic to see the shift in her personality that demonstrates how much she has benefited from this special training. None of this would have been possible without your help.”

Jennifer Smth, Eugene Oregon