Changing Dog Emotions

Even sweet dogs can get a bit emotional.

Whether your dog is showing fear shyness, reactivity or aggressive, I can help!

It feels horrible when your dog is barking, lunging, showing fear or worse, biting or fighting.

Your dog might feel like a stranger; one minute it’s fine, and the next minute it is showing fear or reactivity. And when your dog is like that, it doesn’t listen to a word you say.

I know this problem is stressful and frustrating.  But I can help!

Our Changing Dog Emotions Program is specialty training specifically for:
• Fearful Fido’s
• Reactive Rovers
• Grumpy but Great Dogs
• Overly aroused or excited dogs
• Dogs that get stressed out with new environments or sounds

The degree of emotional reaction does not matter. Because the process for changing your dog’s emotions is the same, whether they have just a little bit of a problem or they are distraught.

Yes, we are currently conducting training classes

Level 1 – A new Beginning – Fear, Reactivity, or Aggressive Behavior.

4 online Group Real Life Classes – Friday March 19, 26, April 2, 9 @ 6:00pm

Then 2 in-person Classes – Saturday, April 17, 24 @ 8:00 am.

Private Training  – call for appointment times

Group Classes Price -$275 – 6 consecutively scheduled classes.
Private Training Price – $659 – each 6 weeks

Dogs who are upset by other dogs, people, or new environments need the most relaxing, environment we can provide.

And you need an opportunity to learn how to help your dog, before it being around stuff that upsets it.

What we’ve found is dogs and people who need this training do far better with online training first. This way, they can learn in their relaxing home environment without a stranger present. 

The first four classes are online.
Week 5 is in person without dogs to prepare them for bringing their dog.
Week 6 is an in-person class with dogs to finish the evaluation process.

When you’ve completed this level of training:

1.  The instructor will have thoroughly evaluated your dog.
2. Your dog’s leash walking skills will be vastly improved.
3. Going to new environments will be more relaxing.
4. Your dog will be able to pay better attention to you.
5. You will have the skills to relax your dog so your level 2 training can be effective and efficient.

Level 2 – Taking it on the Road

Group Class – Saturday @ 10:30am, begin April 10.

Private Training – Call 541-603-6868 for appointment availability.

Group classes $275 – each six consecutively scheduled classes.
Private training $659 each six appointments.

Now that you and your dog have some skills, in-person training can be effective and efficient.

If your dog starts to bark, pull on the leash or get upset, you will already know what to do.  It will not feel like the blind leading the blind.

When you have completed this level of training:
1.  You’ll have the skill to give your dog positive experiences with things that upset it.

2. Your dog will be more relaxed and happier when it is closer to things that previously upset it.

3. Little things that used to bother your dog will no longer be an issue.

4. You and your dog will be more relaxed around the house.

5. Your dog’s behavior will be more predictable, allowing you to be proactive.

The Good News is your dog’s emotions can change & as they changes both you and your dog will: 

• Gain social freedom at home and in public
• Have less stress
• Be happier and more relaxed
• Have an improved quality of life

“Remember Chester with his dog and people challenges?  We have continued working with him since we took your class and we are so pleased.  We had a visit from my dad who Chester tried to bite the last time he visited.  By the end of the week, Chester was snuggling and kissing his nose!  I am so proud, I just had to tell you.”

Ann Stark, Eugene Oregon

“Dexter visited Albertsons today.  He did awesome as people entered and exited the store and with dogs in the parking lot.  No barking, he was a bit excited but still no barking.  Yay Dexter and Thank you Debbie”

Jenny Temple, Springfield Oregon

“I just wanted to stop and say thank you for all your help.  Without your help, I know we would not have the same wonderful dog we have now. Her behavior is changing remarkably.  She is quieter, more relaxed and she is more likely to spend all day sleeping in her bed.  In general, it’s fantastic to see the shift in her personality that demonstrates how much she has benefited from this special training. None of this would have been possible without your help.”

Jennifer Smth, Eugene Oregon