Even Great Dogs Can Get Emotional!

Reactivity, Fear, Unpredictability, Over Exuberance, Stressful Walks, …  You Name it, We Solve It! ?

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Reduce Fear and Reactivity e-book

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It feels horrible when your dog is out of control.  It might be overly excited, barks, lunges, is scared, or worse, bites or fights.

Your dog might be fine one minute and the next minute it is overly excited or showing fear or reactivity. And when your dog is like that, it doesn’t listen to a word you say.

I know this problem is stressful and frustrating.  No Worries, I Can Help!

Our Chaos to Calmness program has transformed the lives of hundreds of dog lovers and their dogs.

This program reshapes your dog’s brain, the emotional associations.  We transform your struggles into strengths and can help if your dog:
 Charges up to other dogs or people
 Growls, lunges, barks on or off-leash
 Is Resistant to walk or go places
 Becomes overly stimulated by dogs or people
 Barks too much
 Bites or Fights
 Is hyper-vigilant, just looking for something to react to
 Is nervous
 Has been kicked out of other classes or would not be appropriate for them.

We can help whether your dog has just little bit of a problem or a big problem.



Chaos To Calmness Program

Start Immediately

Online Classes –  Fridays @ 6:00pm
In-person group classes – Wednesday @ 7:20pm or 6pm

Do you want some Private training also?
Many people sign up for our Chaos To Calmness Program + have 2 private appointments (held at The Well-Mannered Dog) per month to complement their training.  The best of both worlds.

Price Of This Program
Chaos To Calmness – $144 per month –more information below
Chaos To Calmness + 2 private appointments – $378 per month – more information below

A Sneak peek at YOUR training Transformation

Dogs who get upset or overly excited by other dogs, people or new environments first need to grow Brand New Skills away from those events.  Just like you would not learn a new math skill at Disneyland, your dog will do far better if we start with online training.

When you join the Chaos To Calmness program, you get access to an online portal that contains your training games and you start playing those games immediately.  You then join our Online Support class for help, feedback and coaching.

Once both you and your dog have progressed, we evaluate to see if in-person group classes are an option.

Your Training Will Involve:

1 Games established away from the situation until you are confident
2 Games played in the situation once you are proficient and confident
3 Playing in a variety of environments;
4 Rehearsing real-life strategies
5 Learning how to really motivate your dog
6 A dog that can remain cool, calm, and collected
7 Controlled, safe training set-ups
8 Changing your dog’s weaknesses to strengths
9 A plan of action
10 New Loose Leash Walking Skills

We guide you through the success path you need to close the gap and give your dog the missing real-life skills.

 We’ve got your back 

Weekly Classes


3-5 classes per month

Online (Beginner or Distance Students)

In-person (Advanced students)

Monthly Challenges

Targeted Topics

Your training is divided into target skills your dog needs to learn. My oath to you is this is 100% reward-based, ethical and transformational.

Success Path

Success Path

Your Success path is laid out for you.  A systematic process of growing towards your dog-owning dream.  A process of allowing you and your dog an opportunity to grow skills OFF THE JOB first and then in real life.


Real Life

You get to see how the training works with dog’s just like yours.  Dog’s with the same struggle, both rocking their training and needing adjustments to their training.


Questions, Answers, Support

You get to ask questions, get answers, and support in class and on our Private Facebook Community page.
A No shame
No guilt,
100% supportive
community of dog lovers.

We are Passionate About Changing Your Present Reality Into Your Dog Owning  Dream

As a professional, certified dog with more than 36 years of experience, we know what it takes to change your dog’s struggles into the dog of your dreams.  You can do this.

“This morning, Kúra and I started out on our usual early-morning training walk, full of “games”–

Three houses down, another early riser broke out in a yapping frenzy when he heard us. What did Kúra do? NOTHING! He looked at me, actually, kept his leash loose, and continued our training games. Yayyy!!!!

Thank you, Debbie, for getting us started with Calmness Training and the simple idea that my bark-bark-bark pup needed to learn self-control. In a thousand tiny steps, he has learned lots and lots of self-control, and it’s fun for him and for me. It took him a long time to understand “loose leash” but once he got the idea, he has been able to “throw” that behavior at me as if to say “Look, Ma, I’m here, at your side, ready to play, ready to go!”

Karen Fabiano, Eugene Oregon

How do cancelations work?

Its easy! You have 2 ways to cancel. One is to call or e-mail us and we will do it for you.  The second is through your online hub portal.  Cancel anytime and finish off what you have paid for.

What kind of training do you offer

We believe all training can be conducted without intimidation, pain, or fear.  Clients are encouraged to use any rewards their dog loves (food, toys, play, social contact, etc.) and are driven to obtain.

In addition, we go beyond teaching behaviors and teach the concepts your dog is missing (calmness, arousal regulation, confidence, disengagement etc.), and we do it all with games.

How do I know it will work?

It takes time to change emotions, so if you are thinking, “well, I’m give it a try for a month or two”, then this program is NOT for you.

Success is dependent upon the human part of the team.  It is for people willing to:

• take action,
• make changes to what they are presently doing,
• come to class,
• watch the videos, use their handouts, and play the games.

If that is you, sign up, and you will succeed.

How much time does this take each day?

Most games are 3 minutes daily with a maximum 5 games each week.  That is a 15 minutes a day of training. 

How much time does this take each day?

Most games are 3 minutes daily with a maximum 5 games each week.  That is a 15 minutes a day of training. 

Who is Debbie Schaefer?

Debbie Schaefer is the founder of The Well-Mannered Dog, SuperDog Challenge Club and one of Oregon’s first certified professional dog trainers.  She has been training professionally since 1987. Debbie brings science and passion to all of her work, which supports dogs of all abilities and temperaments to have focus, self-control and joy. In addition, Debbie has competed in competition obedience and now spends her time participating in the sport of Musical Freestyle. Debbie believes that a positive, playful approach using simple games can change the lives of dogs and their people.

With decades of experience and 1000’s of dogs helped, Debbie generously shares her knowledge with the hope that dog owners worldwide overcome their struggles to live their dog owning dream.