Have some fun with your dog!

We also offer fun classes, events and workshops.

These classes, workshops or events are suitable for dogs:

• That will not bark continuously 
• That don’t get upset with other dogs or people
• Of all ages and skill level 
• In good health, free of contagious disease 
• Up to date on vaccines

* If your dog does not meet these requirements, please call 541-603-6868 for a recommendation on which class you should take.

Scratchboard Training

Begin Friday, May 8 @ 12:00 pm

Price – $104 – 4 weeks

Teach your dog to file its front nail:

• reduces the amount of nail clipping you need to do
• dog’s enjoy this game
• it is pretty easy to teach
• your dog will be getting mental and physical exercise, just what is needed for dogs that get bored.

Dog Games & Sports

Pre-requisite –
Adventure-Ready Dog 1
Begin Wednesday, June 3 @ 7:15 pm

Price – click this link to see your choices

Doggie Games and Sports class teaches:

• games you will need if you want to do dog sports.
• Games that are just for fun.
• A great variety of tricks.
• And because your dog is getting mental and physical exercise, this class reduces naughty behavior due to boredom or a lack of exercise.

Summer Fun – Indoor Beach Party

Date – June – extact date TBD
Time – TBD
Location –  at The Well-Mannered Dog

Our Summer Fun, Indoor Beach Party is an excellent opportunity to start having some summer fun with your dog even though the weather is still a bit unpredictable. It is also a great time to brush up on your dog’s skills and see what training might want to revisit. We are going to have: We are going to have:

• Really fun skills contest with Prizes
• A dog costume contest
• Food
• Local Booths
• Demonstrations
• A photo booth

Thankful For My Dog Celebration

Date – Oct – exact date TBD
Time – TBD
Location –  at The Well-Mannered Dog

Fall is a time for recognizing all the great things going on in our lives.  Our dogs have been a big part of enhancing our lives.  So this celebration is in recognition of all our great dogs.  We will have:

• CGC Testing
• A dog costume contest
• Food
• Local Booths
• Demonstrations
• A photo booth

“I’m surprised at how participation in the Agility class has vastly helped with distractions in general.”

“These classes have been tremendously helpful and well organized. We have already referred a number of people.”

Erik Veach, Eugene Oregon

We had big fun!  Thank you so much for organizing the event.  We were really happy with how well we did, you helped to set us up for success.   We’re happy with the progress we are seeing.”

Darcy Saxion, Eugene Oregon

Thank you again so much for the fun event! You put so much work into it and made it very fun and educational.”


Jenny Templin, Springfield Or.