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I’m taking my third dog through training with Debbie. She makes training fun for me and my pup. We’re making so much progress!

Melinda Pattan, Eugene Or

“The Well Mannered Dog training is the BEST!!! Having a number of dogs through the years we’ve gone to several training programs and this has been the very best. Debbie has a broad knowledge of dogs and a very systematic and fun series of skills for us, and our pups to learn. Each step builds on the previous ones to get to the goals of having calm dogs able to interact with people and other dogs as well as go into public places and remain calm. The classes are personalized with her observations of each of us and giving positive and helpful feedback. THANK YOU DEBBIE!!!”

Pat Gildroy, Eugene Oregon

Koda was a very excited puppy, and he was growing fast…both in size and strength. Walks were hard…constantly pulling or jumping on me. Working with Debbie has been the best decision I made. She has taught me the tools necessary to help Koda change unwanted behaviors and emotions. I’ve learned so much from her. Koda and I enjoy our walks now, he is not reacting to other dogs in a negative fashion, and the nightly laps around the living room have been replaced with cuddles or calmness on his special mat. Thank you Debbie!

Julie Kennedy, Eugene Oregon