Group Classes

Only the best dog training for you & your dog!

We’re in this together!

Certified force-free trainers, using modern training techniques to help you and your dog grow a trusting, respectful relationship.

Our small class sizes are effective, fun and gives each student a personal self-paced training structure, with thoughtful sequencing and tons of between-class resources.

Super Puppy Class

Puppies – 8 to 20 Weeks

Vaccinate your puppy against fear, reactivity, and misbehavior as we guide you through the steps to provide your puppy with the life skills necessary to be a good family pet.

Learn how to communicate effectively with your puppy as you have fun and learn to:
• speed up housetraining
• deal with nipping
• calm your wild puppy
• address jumping up
• teach sit, down, stay
• grow loose leash walking
• enhance focus and come
• manage misbehavior
• give positive exposure as opposed to excited or scary socialization.

Serious Deep Dive Workshops

Our Serious Deep-Dive Workshops offer you a clear path to having a Well-Mannered Dog.

Each top specific Deep Dive gives you in-depth instruction to meet your goals at your pace and designed to benefit dogs of different levels and abilities.

Each workshop runs 6 weeks and gives you an in-depth deep dive into each topic.  We cover:
• Loose Leash Walking,
• Come
• Sit, Down, Stay and Beyond,
• Calmness,
• Focus,
• Polite Greetings
• Play Biting.

Chaos To Calmness

Our super popular Chaos To Calmness program offers you the opportunity to first learn your part away from other dogs and people with our popular zoom class.

When you and your dog are ready, you join our In-Person training for controlled desensitization to other dogs and people. This program is perfect for:
• fearful,
• reactive or
• overexcited dogs

and allows you to confidently help your dog successfully navigate social situations.

This program is self-paced allowing you to go at your own speed and designed to benefit dogs of different levels and abilities.

Advanced Training

Take your training to the next level with fun games tricks and agility for fun training.

Have fun with your dog as you learn and grow together.

In addition, this program will:
• use and grow your dog’s foundation skills (stay, focus, leash walking, come.

• provide much-needed exercise and mental stimulation

• give you fun bonding time together with your dog.

• new, fun things to do together.

Puppy Class, Serious Deep Dives and Advanced Training!

Suitable for dogs:

• That will not bark or whine repeatedly 
• Who don’t get upset with other dogs or people
• Of all ages and skill level
• Can relax enough to eat treats 

• In good health, free of contagious disease 
• Have Had Their First Vaccine and All Age Appropriate Boosters.

* If your dog gets overly excited or is unfriendly with dogs or people, see our Chaos To Calmness Class.

How it Works

  • classes run 45 minutes per session
  • Online Orientation to prepare you for class
  • Cost: $144 per month

Open Enrollment Start Any Week
We recognize no two dogs learn at the same pace.  Our progressive curriculums are tailored for your success, with thoughtful sequencing to advance on skills.

Your Monthly Payment
Once you register, You Are Our Priority, you don’t have to worry about competing for subsequent classes.  Your monthly payment is automatically applied to your chosen payment method on the day of the month you joined.

Example – If you registered on the 10th, your next automated payment will be on the 10th.

Cancel your membership Thats easy – email us prior to your next automated payment. Then finish all the training that you paid for.

My dog Angus, (a very spirited herding breed) and I have worked with Debbie for over 2 years both in group classes and individual sessions. During this period we have worked on everything from playful puppy biting, loose leash walking, general well manners and hyper arousal around other dogs.

Debbie has extensive grounding in behavioral psychology (as a Ph.D. psychologist I should know). She also appreciates how difficult it can be for people to execute the training and is very patient.

Debbie is a creative dog-problem solver and also provides a lot of extra resources.

Angus and I have really benefited from our work with Debbie. I get comments all the time about how well trained he is. I have tremendous respect and gratitude for Debbie and her training.
I recommend her most highly.

Anne Simons, Eugene Oregon