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Our Group Dog Training Classes

Group dog training classes are suitable for dogs:

• That will not bark or whine repeatedly 
• Who don’t get upset with other dogs or people
• Of all ages and skill level
• Can relax enough to eat treats 

• In good health, free of contagious disease 
• Up to date on vaccines 

* If your dog gets overly excited or is unfriendly with dogs or people, see our Changing Dog Emotions Program.

* If you or your dog is unwell, our online training will get you started on training until you are well.

How it Works

Open Enrollment
You can start any week because each week is an independent subject.

Class Pass – See Prices and details here
What you are buying is a class pass that you can apply to any of our group classes.

Yes, it is just like a gym or Yoga Pass.

You can select 5, 11, or 17 group classes.

Each class runs for five weeks, so 5 class credits are deducted from your pass.

My dog Angus, (a very spirited herding breed) and I have worked with Debbie for over 2 years both in group classes and individual sessions. During this period we have worked on everything from playful puppy biting, loose leash walking, general well manners and hyper arousal around other dogs.

Debbie has extensive grounding in behavioral psychology (as a Ph.D. psychologist I should know). She also appreciates how difficult it can be for people to execute the training and is very patient.

Debbie is a creative dog-problem solver and also provides a lot of extra resources.

Angus and I have really benefited from our work with Debbie. I get comments all the time about how well trained he is. I have tremendous respect and gratitude for Debbie and her training.
I recommend her most highly.

Anne Simons, Eugene Oregon