Hey Dog Lovers

Our dog-loving friends and students are precious to us. Our goal is to continue supporting your efforts to train your dog to be the best doggie companion you have ever had while protecting the Health and Safety of you and your dog.

Our updated Health & Safety Protocols are as follows.

We ask that you do to protect fellow students:

1. Stay home if you have symptoms of a contagious disease (cold, flu, covid, etc.)
2. Keep your dog home if it is not well (diarrhea, coughing, lethargic).
3. If you are currently registered for classes but not able to attend, use your Online portal videos and handouts to keep up with class.
4. Contact us with questions about your training struggles

What we do:

  • ​Use Veterinary-grade disinfectants to clean surfaces like floors, benches, equipment etc. before every class or private session.
  • metal water bowls have been substituted with disposable water bowls.
  • currently we are not loaning out or sharing equipment like toys, food puzzles etc.
  • Potty accidents are cleaned up immediately, and the surface is sanitized.
  • Age-appropriate Vaccinations are required for every dog coming into our center.
  • Small class sizes (7 or fewer dogs)
  • An unprecedented amount of space between dogs with each dog’s penthouse being 25 feet wide.
  • Control traffic while entering or exiting the building

Options if you are still worried about bringing your dog to classes
What we know from Covid and social distancing is the people who did not take advantage of alternative training options seriously regretted it. We still have people describing their dog as a Covid puppy.

Your dog’s behavioral health is important. Training helps transform misbehavior so you have a Well-Mannered dog. In addition, it strengthens your relationship, improves your confidence, and is fun!

Our philosophy is to actively take strong, appropriate, cautionary actions while offering you or your dog the fun, comfortable, and friendly training space necessary for the great quality training of your dog.

Stay happy and healthy,

Debbie Schaefer, Owner of The Well-Mannered Dog