lungingWhen you take your dog out on leash, does it sometimes act like the Looney tunes Tasmanian devil character? Is it lunging at dogs or people? Taz, the Tasmanian devil character is often described as ferocious, short-tempered, impatient, devious but also sweet.

He is a swirling mass of emotion.

But your dog is not a cartoon character. And being the person on the end of the leash of such a dog can be embarrassing, frustrating, scary, and overwhelming.

Music is what mellows The Tazmanian Devil. But your dog will need to be mellowed with very carefully planned training. Yes, just like Taz, how your dog acts can change. Behavior is always changing, either getting better or worse but never stagnant. We can help you modify your dog’s behavior for the better.

Action plan for dogs that are lunging or out of control:

Step 1 – Start with our level 1 of our Changing Dog Emotions Program.  so we can: • reduce your dog’s overall stress. And just like you, once your dog’s overall stress is reduced, it will be able to learn better. do a complete evaluation of your dog’s behavior. games that will be used to change your dog’s emotional association plus teach loose leash walking. Step 2 – And when your dog graduates go into Level 3 where we use the games your dog learned in level to teach your dog happy, relaxed emotions in association with the things that upset it. Click the  link above to get help with training


Author – Debbie Schaefer

Debbie has been successfully teaching dog lovers how to rambunctious, rude, disobedient dogs into Well-Mannered companions since 1987.

That means there are few bad behaviors Debbie can’t tame or troublesome pups Debbie can’t help turn into well-mannered dogs.

With training, your dog can be a great companion, a fun part of your life.