Help my dog won’t listen to me

March 11, 2020

You’ve worked hard to teach your dog to sit, down, come, etc. But you feel like what you say goes in one of your dog’s ears and out the other.  You feel like your dog won’t listen to you.

Dogs living in human society are bombarded with stimuli to distract them. It’s like when we go to Disney Land or Vegas. There is just so much going on, so many exciting things, so much to take in.

No wonder they can’t listen!

An inability to listen is why dog trainers first teach dogs
1.   To relax going into new environments
2.   To pay attention
And then to sit, lay down, come, etc.

For example, in our Serious Self-Control Class, we teach four different relaxation games.  So if a person wanted to take their dog to one of our beautiful parks here in Eugene, Oregon, they would have four relaxation protocols to choose use. And while in Adventure-Ready Dog 1 class, they would be teaching their dog to pay attention, then teach their dog to sit, lay down, come, etc.

It’s not that your dog is stubborn; it’s that there are critical elements of your dog’s education you did not know to teach. No big deal, I can help you with that.

Action plan to begin teaching your dog to listen better

The Well-Mannered Dog is here to help you.  If your dog is distracted, our Serious Self-Control Class is the perfect place to start your training.  But your dog is overly excited (hair on back raised), or upset by something start with our Changing Dog Emotions Program.


Author – Debbie Schaefer

Debbie has been successfully teaching dog lovers how to rambunctious, rude, disobedient dogs into Well-Mannered companions since 1987.

That means there are few bad behaviors Debbie can’t tame or troublesome pups Debbie can’t help turn into well-mannered dogs.

With training, your dog can be a great companion, a fun part of your life.