Mastering House Training – You Can Have Success Too!

House Training

Did you come home to another pee or poo accident?

If your dog’s lack of house training skills are making your life miserable? We can help!

Every dog can learn how to be house trained. We’ve helped hundreds of dog lovers successfully house train their dog.

It does not matter if your have a young dog or an older dog with a long term habit.

” I Thought I would share great news with you, She is completely house trained, and telling me when she wants to go outside.  Love it! Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
– Carla S and Buddy

Mastering House Training Course – Lifetime Access

Turn your house training struggle into a thing of the past.

$29 .00 – $9.00 – Lifetime Access


We have a TON to offer you.

Mastering House Training (Normally Retails At $29) – Hundreds of Students helped

42 Lessons

Every dog can learn to only go potty outside. With our step-by-step approach we will teach you, too.

1 Understand the causes of potty problems
2 Tap into the “instinctual cleanliness” every dog has
3 Ask unlimited questions to our trainer
4 Learn how to make sure your dog potties ONLY outside
5 Train good habits – for puppies or adults with long term habits
6 Set your dog up for long-term success
7 Lifetime Access
8 Science-based approaches
9 Setp-by-step instructions
10 Fear-free training

Hundreds of successful course graduates

House Training Mastered
House Training Mastered

Ariel Wrote

““I’ve been a student of Debbie since 2007 with 2 different dogs. I’ve worked with several top notch trainers around the world, and Debbie is one of the best I’ve found. She understands the root of dog behavior and has simple exercises to help her students achieve their goals. I especially recommend her for basic training and dog behavior issues. Dog training is all about understanding, patience and repetition- Debbie is great at setting folks and their dogs up for success!”