Hunting for eggs – a great nose work game for your dog

April 13, 2020

hunting for eggs

Hunting for eggs is a great nose work game for your dog

April 13, 2020

Here is Easter Egg Challenge #4 our last and final Easter Egg Game. Our hunting for eggs game is a great way to give your dogs the fun of sniffing and finding treasures.

GAME 4 – Hunting for Eggs

  1. Fill a bunch of plastic Easter eggs with your dogs kibble or treats.
  2. Close up the egg and hold it it your hand.
  3. Let your dog sniff the closed egg while it rests in your hand.
  4. Immediately, open the egg and give your dog the food.
  5. After a number repetitions, repeat except put the egg on the ground.
  6. When this seems too easy, put your dog someplace else and scatter the eggs in plain view around your yard.  Each time your dog finds an egg, open it up and reward your dog.

Can you see your dog thinking?  In a short period of time, your dog will be excitedly searching for the eggs.  At that point, you can hide them under bushes, behind a pot, etc. and where ever you think might make it just a little more challenging.

Have you loved our Easter Egg Challenges?
Post your questions or comments in the comment box below.  Let us know if you want more content like this. Training is about having fun with your dog.  And remember you got a dog for fun, so let your training take the form of games.  See your training options here.


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