Sometimes it is next to impossible to get your dog outside for quality exercise.

Indoor activities

No problem, we have your back.  There is a lot of different activities you can do right inside your house to tire out your dog.

We have 32 years of experience helping bored dogs behave and a lot of great indoor activities up our sleeve.

No need to feel frustrated by a dog that is bored and misbehaving.

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Blossom Wrote

“Hi Debbie,

I just wanted to thank you for all these great indoor activities! My dog is obsessed with the first one, where kibble is placed around the room for him to find. I have combined this with the “dig it” game and am looking for more ideas of how to keep the first activity challenging. He asks to play it at least once a day, usually more, but he is getting almost too good at it now 🙂
Thanks again,


Shirley Wrote

“Penny is really into the hunting game. She’ll play the game until I stop.  We’re using 3 rooms now.  Problem. Don’t know how to convince her we’re done.  All the challenges in this game have been great.  Initially, I had to point where she needed to go. She’s on her own now.

Looking forward to #5 activity.”

Rachel Wrote

“Hi Debbie

Molly is loving these games!”  Yes please, more games! 

Our favorite so far is “Hide and Seek” esp. since it helps build “come when called” skills. I’m running out of hiding places though!

Ceci Wrote

These games have been great! I regularly use “find the cookies” (sniff workout!), putting kibble under towels on the floor or on cushion, in a variety of places. Even though Tito knows the game, changing the place increases the element of surprise! Also, “hide and seek” with placing kibble around the room in hard to see places — really engaging for him.  We’re getting better at Figure 8 – actually, Tito’s doing great, but I’m kind of clumsy … but better with practice. I found your “Auto Bounce Back”  — another awesome game, and so easy to do in the moment, when I can tell his boredom level is slowly increasing! We’ll try Bang Pop Superstar and “Crawl” next. Many, many thanks for sharing these fantastic ideas, Debbie!”

Shari Wrote

“Thank you for providing us with fun activities to keep us challenged and connected.

Greatly appreciated”