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Exercise your dog indoors without much space.

Scroll down to see what last year’s participants had to say about this class.

“Hi Debbie,

Thank you so much for this wonderful “Indoor Games” course.  Monty and I both have loved it!

I have loved all the games but my favorites are the ones that could be used as foundation skills for obedience.  I also like the games that work on making me more fun than a horse.

This brings me to how we used the games outside this week.  Yesterday, I used Catch Me If You Can and the Mines Better Games and successfully diverted him from barking and fence chasing a person on horseback. (which he has a history of doing).  And this morning, while on a walk, I successfully diverted him from a sniff that was going on forever! “

Deb Kerns and “Monty” Corvallis Oregon

I am emailing you is to tell you how much Wally and I enjoyed the online Indoor Games to Tire Out your Dog class!

The class really was a godsend! Not only did it increase the bond between Wally and me but kept his overactive mind occupied learning some new skills and provided great exercise during some drizzly cold days!

We will definitely be continuing to play these games! I also really enjoyed the format of the class on Zoom and the Indoor Games Facebook page!  The other people and their dogs were so fun to watch.

Your replies to everyone’s concerns and questions were always “spot on”!  Thank you so much for providing this class as a winter treat.

Rhonda Farfan and “Wally” Pleasant Hill Oregon

indoor games testimonial 1

” Wow!!!! Debbie, your videos and coaching calls are AWESOME.  I am sure this has all taken A LOT of work on your part. I am so impressed with how you have developed all of this in this pandemic age.  Thank you, thank you.”

Anne Simons & Angus, Eugene Oregon