Hi, We are VERY close to finishing our long-awaited Online Indoor Games To Tire Out Your Dog Class.

We have literally been building this repertoire of games for years now … but we are finally going to put it all together as a class.  We will be releasing the first part of it real soon.

This course will be entirely focused on Indoor Games to Tire Out Your Dog.

It will include:
Videos you can watch over and over again.
Access to a Private Facebook Group that is just for people taking this class.
Handouts and check-off lists to help you have more fun and keep you on track.

It is going to be a complete brain dump of everything that I know about playing with your dog indoors.

We are going to cover all the ways that we use these games not only to tire out your dog but also to help your dog behave and follow your cues better.

It’s going to show you exactly how we teach dogs and people to joyfully play together.

And it is going to give you brand new options, we have never shared before.

HOWEVER, we need your help.  Before we finalize everything and start this class, we need to make sure we have covered everything.

That is where you come in….please take a few minutes to answer this super-short survey – there are only two questions we need you to answer.