Exceed your training goals with our

Online Dog Training

Can’t do group or private classes? Try our online training!

It’s almost identical to in-person training except I’m not in your living room, I’m am coaching you from a screen.

Do group or private dog training classes not meet your needs?

We offer both group and private online dog training for anyone who can not attend our in-person dog training.

We offer 2 online dog training options so you can have all the tools you need to successfully train your dog.

Keep the fun of having a dog but lose the frustration as you transform your dog’s behavior, all with the convenience of online training.

How online dog training works

Anybody can do it; you don’t have to be tech-savvy.  All you need is

  • access to the internet
  • to be able to read instructions
  • the ability to watch video and copy what we do
  • a computer, webcam, smartphone, or tablet to record video.

When you register, you immediately get access to our Success Made Simple Orientation, so start training immediately.

We offer two online training options.

All of which include

  • A free orientation to set you up for success.
  • Written handouts
  • Training Videos
  • Suggestions to improve your training 
  • A free subscription to our membership group

Live Online Group classes – set at a specific time.

The number of dogs is limited to ensure everyone gets help –  so register early.

Each week is an independent subject; you can begin any week.

• At the scheduled time, we connect via Zoom (it is so easy to do)
• We discuss the lesson.
• You watch me train the behavior.
• You work with your dog in the view of your camera.
• I give you immediate feedback on your training.
• During the week, you do your homework.

Click here to see your options.

Online Private Consultation

It is just like having me come to your house except online.

• At the scheduled time, we connect via Zoom.
• We discuss the problem at hand.
• I demonstrate any how-to portions
• You try it with your dog and get immediate feedback on your training.

$540 for 6 hours or
$1080 for 12 hours

To proceed, please do these in this order

Step 1 – Call 541-603-6868 for appointment times
Step 2 – Fill out your application and pay for your appointment.