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Is your dog’s behavior causing you stress, fear, embarrassment, or frustration?

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We are putting together a library of courses that cover every dog training struggle you can think of. You get easy-to-follow videos and resources in your very own online dashboard.

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Our Bestseller Bundles

Transforming Reactivity

It feels horrible when your dog is out of control.  It might be overly excited, barks, lunges, is scared, or worse, bites or fights. No problem, we have helped 1000’s of dogs change.

$35 per month

Serious Manners and Obedience

Our Six Top Deep Dive Topics
 Stunning Loose Leash Walking
 Polite Greetings and Playful Biting
 Come Fast and Furious
 Beyond The Basics
 Fantastic Focus

$35 per Month

Single Courses

Grow Calmness

A lack of calmness is the root cause of all misbehavior. Our Online Calmness course UNRAVELS THE SECRETS TO HAVING A CALM DOG.

$107 .00

Lifetime Acces

Polite Greetings - Stop Jumping

Picture it!  No more worry or frustration about your dog knocking someone down or getting their clothes muddy.  FAST-TRACK YOUR DOG TO POLITE MANNERS.


Lifetime Acces