Online Dog Training

Convenient, very powerful and easy

It is just like I’m in your living room

I don’t know, how could that work?

Online training sessions are just as successful as in-person training because I can see what you are doing and coach you just as if I was in the room with you. But they also come with some added benefits of:

The Same Great Experience
• We talk about the training
• We demonstrate with video or our dog
• We watch you train, and give you the same quality guidance, and feedback immediately as what you get with in-person training.

Convenience – No travel time for you or us; this means we can offer a wider variety of group classes and more options for private training appointments.

Less Distractions –  You and your dog are learning in an even more controlled environment.

Safety – Increased safety decreases health risks and the risk of unthinkable accidents.

Feedback – With online lessons, you get guided step by step instructions, immediate feedback, handouts, videos to watch, and continued access to your instructor.

Easy – You can access your classes with any internet-connected device and a camera. Modern technology allows us to give you the help you need, just like we’re in the same room.

What Do I need for Online Classes?

Any internet-connected device with a camera will work. You want:
• a good internet connection
• a little bit of open space (my office is only 8 feet wide, and that works)
• good lighting
• standard training supplies (leash, treats, toy, dog mat, clicker, a dog chewy, treat bag)
*That’s it!

How does it work?

We hold group classes on Zoom, a super easy platform.

Before Class – Once you complete your application and payment, we e-mail you information to prepare you for class (how to set up for a Zoom Class). Then the day before class, you get a link so you can quickly join our Zoom Class.

During Class – Just like an in-person class, I guide you with step by step instructions. Then you have a chance to try the training while I watch and coach you. I make any suggested changes a person might want to consider.

After Class – You receive e-mails and videos to support what you learned and have access to me through e-mail and phone support.