Online Dog Training

Convenient, very powerful and easy

It is just like I’m in your living room

I don’t know, how could that work?

Online training sessions are just as successful as in-person training because I can see what you are doing and coach you just as if I was in the room with you. But they also come with some added benefits of:

The Same Great Experience
• We talk about the training
• We demonstrate with video or our dog
• We watch you train, and give you the same quality guidance, and feedback immediately as what you get with in-person training.

Convenience – No travel time for you or us; this means we can offer a wider variety of group classes and more options for private training appointments.

Less Distractions –  You and your dog are learning in an even more controlled environment.

Safety – Increased safety decreases health risks and the risk of unthinkable accidents.

Online Self-Paced Program

Price – $35 per month  more information below

Not all dogs or people do well with in-person classes.  Our online self-paced program allows you to follow our program online and still get personalize feedback from our trainers.  Yes, even though this is an online program, you still get to have your questions answered.


This structure is perfect for:

  • Dogs who are reactive, fearful, or bark too much, still get much-needed help with manners or obedience
  • Growing your skills in your most comfortable learning environment, your home.
  • People who want to go at their own pace.  Whether that is because you have a busy schedule or need to go slower or faster in the program.
  • People who do not live locally.  It does not matter where you live; you can still train with us.

Feedback – With online lessons, you get guided step by step instructions, immediate feedback, handouts, videos to watch, and continued access to your instructor.

Easy – You can access your classes with any internet-connected device and a camera. Modern technology allows us to give you the help you need, just like we’re in the same room.

What Do I need for Online Classes?

Any internet-connected device with a camera will work. You want:
• a good internet connection
• a little bit of open space (my office is only 8 feet wide, and that works)
• good lighting
• standard training supplies (leash, treats, toy, dog mat, clicker, a dog chewy, treat bag)
*That’s it!

How does it work?

We hold group classes on Zoom, a super easy platform.

Before Class – Once you complete your application and payment, we e-mail you information to prepare you for class (how to set up for a Zoom Class). Then the day before class, you get a link so you can quickly join our Zoom Class.

During Class – Just like an in-person class, I guide you with step by step instructions. Then you have a chance to try the training while I watch and coach you. I make any suggested changes a person might want to consider.

After Class – You receive e-mails and videos to support what you learned and have access to me through e-mail and phone support.