Transform your dog’s behavior with our Self-Paced Program

Serious Manners and Obedience

Finally, A Dog Who Listens And Behaves!

Our 6 Deep Dive Programs in 1 fantastic bundle so you you can keep the fun of a dog while losing the frustration and embarrassment of misbehavior.

“It’s incredible to see the learning curve in our sweet girl, and watch her tackle new surroundings with growing ease. We’re able to take her along everywhere because we’ve learned how to help her calm down enough to listen to commands.”

Danielle Ryse and Tully

$35 per month

Our Online Serious Manners and Obedience course

offers you a clear, Self-Paced plan in these topics

Stunning Loose Leash Walking
Polite Greetings and Playful Biting
Come Fast and Furious
Boosting Confidence
Beyond The Basics
Fantastic Focus

Prioritize the skills you want to grow in your dog.

We break down each topic into easily manageable bite-sized pieces covering a multitude of topics, allowing you to truly master your goals.

The knowledge you gain will transform your dog. It is a GAMECHANGER for you and your dog!

Go at your own pace referring back to it as often as you like.

And, it gets even better, you get access to our Private Facebook Committee where you can celebrate your success, ask questions and meet Fanstice people who are also teaching their dog to be calm.

Your dog’s polite manners and obedience training is waiting for you and your dog! Jump On In. Remember your dream dog is just around the corner.?

We offer you the In-depth Topic Specific training that will transforms your dog’s struggles into strengths.


Self- Paced

$35 per Month more information below

All your questions answered
We know at some point, you may feel stuck, confused or just need some feedback.
As long as you have a current training subscription our professional dog trainers are waiting for your questions.

Yes, even though this is an online program, you still get to ask questions.  Your not alone! There’s no guessing because if you have questions, you just contact us to get the answers.

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    With your monthly fee you get:

    • Humane, training that builds a positive, fun relationship with your dog
    • Training Plans and games that transform your dog’s struggles into superhero powers.
    • Access to our awesome Private Facebook group that is only for our students.
    • The help and support you need to meet your goals.

    “Hi Debbie,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful course.  Monty and I both have loved it!

    I have loved all the games but my favorites are the ones that could be used as foundation skills for obedience.  I also like the games that work on making me more fun than a horse.

    This brings me to how we used the games outside this week.  Yesterday, I used Catch Me If You Can and the Mines Better Games and successfully diverted him from barking and fence-chasing a person on horseback. (which he has a history of doing).  And this morning, while on a walk, I successfully diverted him from a sniff that was going on forever! “

    Deb Kerns and “Monty” Corvallis Oregon

    I am emailing you is to tell you how much Wally and I enjoyed the online Indoor Games to Tire Out your Dog course!

    The course really was a godsend! Not only did it increase the bond between Wally and me but kept his overactive mind occupied learning some new skills and provided great exercise during some drizzly cold days!

    We will definitely be continuing to play these games! I also really enjoyed the format of the course on format and  Facebook page!  

    Your replies to our concerns and questions were always “spot on”!  Thank you so much for providing this class as a winter treat.

    Rhonda Farfan and “Wally” Pleasant Hill Oregon

    I’ve been impressed with how readily you reach out, offering fun tips and resources.

    Having a dog who is afraid to go on a walk, this class  has provided oodles of different games to play for motivation, exercise, mental stimulation, and just plain good times between her and me.

    I’ve been impressed with how readily you have “met the moment” with all you offer.

    There’s been so much information and camaraderie.

    I’ve seen my dog’s confidence and joy come back, which means so much to me.

    Jenny Root and “Mischka” Eugene Oregon