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Super Puppy

Turn Puppy Challenges into Super-hero powers

Manners and Obedience

We believe behind every naughty behavior is a hidden super-dog waiting to be unlocked.

Fear, Reactivity, Anxiety

Even great dogs can get a bit emotional.

Whether your dog is overly excited, fearful, shy, reactive, or aggressive, I can help!

Advanced Work Shops

For dog lovers who want more than the Basics.

Dog Sports

You, Your Dog, And Fun, Dog Sports

Personalized, Private Dog Training

Dog Behavior Transformation


Special Events

Through out the year, we offer special events for you to have a blast with your dog.

“Debbie is remarkable. She prioritizes safety, the dogs’ comfort, professionalism, and is so understanding on top of it.

“I have had an incredibly chaotic year, but her methods change training into a lifestyle which ends up becoming second nature, with practice. She’s a phenomenal teacher and her ability to read and understand dogs goes unmatched in my opinion. I couldn’t picture a situation that would stump her; she really does know so much- a true expert in her field.

I have fallen in love with going to classes and seeing other classmates. After only a few months of training (which had been inconsistent at times on my end) both of my dogs are acting significantly different. They have become much calmer and more confident (YAY!!). Her training games work wonders and create a new bond with my dogs that I didn’t know I was missing.

I highly recommend using The Well-Mannered Dog for any training needs. I can’t thank Debbie enough for the improvements we have already seen and I am so happy to keep working with her and my dogs to further their (and my!) progress. I’m a much better dog mom because of Debbie. ?
Kait Sullivan

My Alaskan Malamute began training at the Well Mannered Dog in puppy class when he was 8 weeks old and continued his learning in Serious Self Control. Debbie has immense knowledge of dog psychology and emotions, I’ve learned how to prevent and remedy most “problem” situations other large breed dog owners face.

I’m not the most consistent at training and still I’m often complimented by the vet, friends, and strangers about how well behaved my dog is. We’ve covered many real-life situations and solutions and I have found the training and knowledge invaluable.

Debbie gives very clear, concise instruction mixing both lecture and training games in combination with emails and video for home training. When I’ve had problems or concerns with my dog she has been very responsive and available via phone or email.

I appreciate the high standards and expectations she places on all students.

If you want to learn how to effectively train your dog without using fear or intimidation I highly recommend the Well Mannered Dog.

Daniel Hallock

“Debbie, we are so thankful for you! Before signing up for your class, Crew struggled to control all her excitement and big puppy feelings.

Enrolling in your classes has made a world of difference, especially the Deep Dives!!! Thanks to your Polite Greetings Deep Dive we have a puppy that calmly greets us with tail wags and belly rubs instead of jumping and putting her paws in our face. And we have the tools to build up polite greetings with guests, and it is paying off!! Your classes are amazing, fun for owners AND dogs. Thank you!”

Emma Garner